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  1. Good to hear! I should have my shaft by the end of the week.
  2. I did a little research on the same prior to purchasing a Black 6TX. I found what @Smitty120 said is exactly what others had stated. Many stated the Black 6X felt boardy/more stout and the 7X more smooth. Many who had been in the 70ish gram range could not get the timing of their swing down with the 6X resulting in the left miss. No idea numbers wise if there was any difference between weights, sorry. Im hoping the specs of the 6TX will eliminate the left tendencies others saw with the 6X.
  3. The shaft in the pictures is tipped 1". That is identical to my Rogue White.
  4. What is the 10x going to be used in? Fairway or hybrid?
  5. Ventis Black 6TX tipped 1" on the way. I will be playing it at 45.75" or 45.5". I am currently in an Aldila Rogue White 70TX tipped 1" playing at 44.5". These two will be going head to head on the course in a couple of weeks.
  6. https://thepeoplesclubs.com/fujikura-ventus.html Red 8x in the drop down. Add to cart for a suprise!!!
  7. The 6TX sounds perfect, especially if it is harder to turn over. If it doesn't work out I will go heavier, but I'm looking to play driver a little longer and I'm afraid the extra weight will throw things off. I played driver at 45.5" years ago with several 78+ gram shafts and my swing felt sluggish. I don't think I would have an issue with loading the 7X. I would however, like to try something from the sounds of it, super stable in the 60 gram weight range again.
  8. I've seen your posts and WITB a few times and noticed that you went back to the 6X. @J13 shared his thoughts about the Black 6X/7X on his shaft shootout. He stated the 6X felt boardy compared to the 7X. I like boardy. I like what I am hearing so far with the 6X, but like you said the 6TX could be .
  9. I know the Ventus Black 6TX hasn't been out long and most are satisfied with the performance of the 6X/7X, but I'm curious to see if anyone on here has had the opportunity to try the shaft. There is little to no info on the shaft other than someone here stating @Fujikura Golf made Phil a shaft that was essentially a Black 6X tipped 2 inches so that he could play a 47" driver. From the specs it appears to have and even stiffer handle compared to the 6x. I am looking for something a little more stable to replace my Rogue White 70TX and I am debating whether the 6X will
  10. What is the Japanese media going to ask all the players during Masters week interviews now that Hidecki has won?
  11. I have not hit any of them yet. I am hoping to be able to hit the Black in 6x or 7x when my knee is closer to 100%. I haven't had success dropping into the 60ish gram range, but it seems like many haven't had an issue dropping weight in both driver and fairway with the Ventus line.
  12. Thanks for the replies. I'm glad I hesitated with purchasing the SIM Ti fairway. I'm hoping to be able to demo the whole lineup when my knee is 100%.
  13. I know much of the discussion is about the driver, but I'm interested to hear what others are seeing with the SIM2 Ti fairway. You would think the weight positioned furthed back would result in higher launch and spin. I understand many people aren't able to play, but there isn't much feedback about the fairways out there. I was hoping TXG would have done a video on it already. My fairway wood looks to be the only club I am going to replace this year. Would love to hear if anyone hear has had some experience with it.
  14. I think your next search needs to be how to communicate on the internet or how to start a discussion on a forum.... this is close to Opinder style content and likely the same outcome for the OP.
  15. I am not a fan of any of the current offerings. They need to bring back the players cord with no alignment. I have one set left waiting to be slapped on my new set of shafts.
  16. Man those white sans logo Vessel staff bags are !
  17. I had the Aldila Rogue Silver 125 70TX for a couple years. Phenomenal shaft for price you can get them for now. Not quite as low spin as the Rogue White 70tx that I have now, but still a great option. I could easily go back to it if ever have to replace the Rogue White.
  18. If one were to hit ebay or the BST it could go for a pretty penny...
  19. I'm excited to hit the drivers and fairways. I don't mind the colors on the stock head, but after messing around with the MySIM2 I would love one with all black/gray coloring.
  20. I too would love to hear more about the Synergy update and some more on what they updated with the Aldila Tour Proto Concepts.
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