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  1. I have not hit any of them yet. I am hoping to be able to hit the Black in 6x or 7x when my knee is closer to 100%. I haven't had success dropping into the 60ish gram range, but it seems like many haven't had an issue dropping weight in both driver and fairway with the Ventus line.
  2. Thanks for the replies. I'm glad I hesitated with purchasing the SIM Ti fairway. I'm hoping to be able to demo the whole lineup when my knee is 100%.
  3. I know much of the discussion is about the driver, but I'm interested to hear what others are seeing with the SIM2 Ti fairway. You would think the weight positioned furthed back would result in higher launch and spin. I understand many people aren't able to play, but there isn't much feedback about the fairways out there. I was hoping TXG would have done a video on it already. My fairway wood looks to be the only club I am going to replace this year. Would love to hear if anyone hear has had some experience with it.
  4. I think your next search needs to be how to communicate on the internet or how to start a discussion on a forum.... this is close to Opinder style content and likely the same outcome for the OP.
  5. I am not a fan of any of the current offerings. They need to bring back the players cord with no alignment. I have one set left waiting to be slapped on my new set of shafts.
  6. Man those white sans logo Vessel staff bags are !
  7. I had the Aldila Rogue Silver 125 70TX for a couple years. Phenomenal shaft for price you can get them for now. Not quite as low spin as the Rogue White 70tx that I have now, but still a great option. I could easily go back to it if ever have to replace the Rogue White.
  8. If one were to hit ebay or the BST it could go for a pretty penny...
  9. I'm excited to hit the drivers and fairways. I don't mind the colors on the stock head, but after messing around with the MySIM2 I would love one with all black/gray coloring.
  10. I too would love to hear more about the Synergy update and some more on what they updated with the Aldila Tour Proto Concepts.
  11. I like the size and shape of the SIM2 fairway, but after watching Alex Etches review I really don't understand why they went away from a 3HL. They really needed a 17* or 16.5* option in the SIM Ti fairway and it appears they need it even more with the SIM2 fairway...
  12. I would love to see the Rogue White 130 have the TX versions released to retail or something with that same profile as a new release.
  13. The $70 is comparable to what Continental Golf charges to repaint plus shipping.
  14. And....... they gone! Not a big fan of the looks, but can't argue with the results of the PXGs. I agree Steelfiber shafts feel great even weighing 20 grams less than the X100. Excited for the woods. I'm going to bet a Ventus shaft will make the bag.
  15. I have quite of few of the Onyx shafts in my bag. The GW and SW shafts have small paint chips closer to the hosel, but the shafts are at least 3 years old and I bought them second hand with the paint chips. They were likely caused by the previous owner throwing the clubs on top of their putter or other clubs on the green. The other clubs my 3 iron and LW shafts are in great shape. I have had the LW for nearly 2 years and no paint chips and the 3 iron shaft has only been around since last season with now signs of wear.
  16. That's actually just a piece of tape with the shaft number on it. True Temper was able to help. It appears they made longer X7 iron shafts in this generation. So these are soft stepped 2X.
  17. CKalma

    AK in 2021

    My bet is it has something to do with the company on the sweatshirt, Trulieve. An online marijuana dispensary that will ship to your door... Maybe he plans on opening a dispensary in AZ since they just legalized marijuana or in NV.
  18. Wonder how many whales we're going to see...
  19. I bought a set of what are supposed to be the older generation of Dynamic Gold X7s with the old silk screen printing under the first step. When I removed the grips there isn't any barcode or printing on any of the shafts to confirm this. In hopes to confirm what shafts these are I have measured the steps and the closest shaft per truetemper.com would be an S400 with .5" tipping or a 1X HS S400. The 3 iron tip to 1st step is 10.5" decreasing by .5" down to PW. The tip section on the X100/X7 isn't long enough to accomplish the tip lengths of these shafts even with soft stepping 2x.
  20. Unfortunately, I recently reinjured my bad knee and I now have patella tendinitis(jumpers knee) resulting in 3-6 months physical therapy. I'm not shocked that I have reinjured my knee as it has always kind of worried me since I got back into heavier weight lifting and HIIT workouts a couple years ago. Seeing that I am already gaining strength and mobility after only a few weeks, I am hopeful that it won't be as long as a recovery. The Rogue white in TX is such a good shaft and it's mind boggling that it won't ever be a retail offering. It's not going to be easy to find something to
  21. Hmm... I don't think that's quite the same type of chart the OP had. I want to say it would look more like this below but even more in depth.
  22. That is an awful fake. You can tell by looking at the milling, dots, and bumpers. Milling is awful and deep. Authentic looks like this. On the authentic Tel3 the dots are smaller leaving larger gaps between them and the bumpers are slightly rounded. Like this:
  23. Absolutely love the putter. I had to put a little extra work into longer lag putting, but I'm very pleased with it. I can tell the paint will wear on the bottom of the putter just from normal use. I'm trying to baby it at much as I can to keep the paint from chipping. Even if it does I would rather have it repainted than replace it. That is unless Taylormade comes out with something as good or better in looks, performance, and paint quality. I do love the Odyssey #7 putter. I've come close to having one in the bag.
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