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  1. Work with an instructor and learn how to identify/spot your core flaw. If things go sideways, take video. More likely than not that flaw is showing up and you are not compensating as well as normal
  2. I agree the price is steep, but I was able to get a pretty decent price for the quad+club data+FSX+14 courses. It's only a bit more expensive than what FS quoted me to upgrade to the X3. Im in CA, so I can play year round, so the sim integration isn't super important, but it's nice that I will have a few courses to play if I so desire.
  3. Point your feet 30 degrees right of the target, point the face at the target, swing along your feet and deliver the face square to the target. If that doesn't work, tilt away from the target to shift the path right and flip hard at the bottom.
  4. I live in the much more densely populated SF bay area, even though I'm in the suburbs. my neighbors can still hear me hitting irons inside my fully finished garage lol. The FSX software honestly seems really polished, much more so than flightscope right now so that is the other factor.
  5. Big hair, skinny jeans, and a white belt. Not sure I can trust that fellow
  6. I've been a flightscope owner for a few years now, original intention was to use it both indoor and outdoor. In reality, I almost never use it outdoors and there are definitely some limitations indoors with spin and higher speed. I theoretically could build an outdoor net and likely get much more reliable data, but that brings in issues with weather, annoying my neighbors, etc. With that being said, I've been looking at getting a GCquad to replace it.
  7. I keep a jar of red fire ants in my bag, learned that one from Bryson
  8. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. We've completely cut out a known cheater from our weekly games.
  9. That is essentially the only way the rule would work, anytime in the fairway, its ball in hand. Otherwise what is or isn't a divot is highly subjective and nearly impossible to define. There would be rules officials called out all the time
  10. Could be a setup issue with the trackman and/or gear effect. I am not sure how fullswing meaures path.
  11. Those fullswing numbers are inflated, no doubt. I would not worry about the TM numbers, hitting range rocks in the cold into the wind isn't very reliable, even with normalization. Also dont try to compare smash factors between different LMs either, they use different ways to measure CHS so comparing smash is counter productive. If you are using the monitor as a way to gauge your improvement, stick to just one of them, using the same ball and focus on ball speed, launch, and spin.
  12. I would not worry about hitting it straight at all, at least not to start. The goal is to make the mechanical change, if you are immediately looking for ball flight change you can easily revert and go back to your swing in order to get the desired result.
  13. I would get the new club and ask them to return your original shaft. You might like the RDX shaft, I def prefer it over the original smoke shaft There is no way that dent doesn't impact performance.
  14. Without seeing his swing, it's pretty much impossible to say how best to accomplish that. Just about every question that starts with "looking for a drill" or "looking for advice" without posting a video, results in the same exact response. Too many golfers are delusional and think they can somehow make a change..without actually making a change lol
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