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  1. Modus 125x is actually 129g uncut. DG X7 as mentioned above as well
  2. I would ask for higher quality pics, it does look a hair suspect but hard to tell if it's simply poor image quality. The sole, bombs, and neck look off for some reason
  3. Much more skilled as well. Getting all of the transition elements sorted in such a short period of time and still being able to hit it decently far is no small task. When it comes to the golf swing, the polar opposite of "bad" is typically also bad.
  4. The rules don't come into play until this year, so for small time flippers this might not even be on their radar. So when these flippers get their 1099 come Jan 2023 I am sure some are going to be in for a shock.
  5. I wonder if the new IRS rules will damper some of this pure profiteering activity
  6. No it was not, that was the carrier subsidized cost which required a contract
  7. No need to worry, I read an article where they said inflation was a good thing
  8. The only misinformed person here is you. You either have never have done a fitting there or an an employee/corporate shill. I have done a full fitting with them (as have a few buddies) and can say with full certainty everything said in here about them is true. Every single build sheet was 5k+
  9. That depends on the course IMHO. Some club golfer caps travel better than others
  10. I don't mind vanity caps, they just shoot themselves in the foot when it comes tournament time and they need to play the ball down/count every stroke
  11. Krt22

    Monday Q's

    Nope, wasn't directed at you Given the OP can't be bothered to click a few links, I am fairly certain they will never make it to the qualifier in the first place
  12. Krt22

    Monday Q's

    lol...tell me you are entitled without telling me you are entitled
  13. You are clearly not a real club ho lol. No real club ho ever makes any money, period. The best you can do is sell off the "losers" to mitigate your losses. We just now have to actually prove this on a yearly basis smdh
  14. That carry is accurate for that launch and spin, you are launching an 8i like a PW, but at almost 6i speeds (relative to PGA tour avg), so it's going way in the air. Your spin is not measured here though, realistically its going to be higher (and thus carry less/balloon more). The 6i shot in the OP does not seem off either, ~200carry is about right for that ball speed/launch
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