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    CJ Cup 2021

    I played Casscata in those conditions. One of the most miserable rounds I've ever played lol
  2. No they do not, especially over the first 2 days. For non-big names not in contention, no cameras and just a hand full of patrons following.
  3. I think like much of the golf swing, the amount of strength needed to hit it far is "some" and you can easily get to the point of diminishing returns. Functional strength and muscle mass are two different things. IIRC there is around 100lbs of force needed to support the handle of the club when swinging it roughly 100mph. Do you need to deadlift 400lbs to achieve that? Absolutely not, but some level of upper body/grip strength is needed to achieve higher speeds while still controlling the face. Once you get north of 120 it seems where additional over-all strength is needed. Again functional strength, not mass. Purely musing here, but I imagine that threshold of "how much is needed" is similar to the threshold for doing a pull up. For most able bodied men (and boys for that matter) who are not completely inactive and/or obese, a pull up or two is pretty easy to achieve and with a bit effort one can do sets of pull ups, no 400lb deadlift required. Now ask the same thing from the average female and it's a much different story. With zero strength training most cannot do an unassisted pull up and pretty extensive training is required to get to the point of doing reps.
  4. lol what. You might want to consider throttling back all of that thinking you are doing and sit this one out.
  5. I'm not certain what point you are trying to make, but <2% of all male golfers with an official USGA index are scratch or better. It's estimated that <10% of all golfers actually hold an index, so it's reasonable to say the 100th LPGA player is longer than more than 99% of all male golfers (on average). My main point is it seems many men seem to think there is some intangible that the LPGA golfers have to explain their length, when in reality it's just that they are great golfers with great golf swings. But I agree, most men suck at golf, largely because they don't focus enough on improving their mechanics and instead chase strength, flexibility, lightning in a bottle, etc.
  6. The 100th LPGA player still AVERAGES 254 yards off the tee. Males don't start averaging that length until they are typically 5 or lower, only ~10% of all USGA handicaps are 5 or better. So even that ho home 100th longest on the LPGA is longer than 90%+ of all amateur male golfers (perhaps closer to 95%?) since many golfers don't keep an official index. They play courses from 6500-6700, where most male ams would struggle heavily from. They are short relative to male pros and elite ams, they are long relative to just about everyone else.
  7. That is actually another good point. If you picked golf up as a kid (I did not), you are at a great advantage vs those who did not because you are forced at that age to be more efficienct since you have yet to fully develop strength wise. There is obviously the whole neuroplasticity thing that plays a huge role as well, but there is something to be said about humans being able to adapt quickly to their given environment. I think there is a very obvious reason most juniors are now taught to swing the club as hard as they can and figure out how to hit it straight later.
  8. That is true, they offered me 6k to trade in my Xi+ for an X3, but I ultimately went with the quad since radar just didn't work well in my garage. My Xi+ was issue free for the 4 years I had it (minus all the misreads of course lol)
  9. LPGA players are essentially the most efficient ball strikers on the planet. What they lack in sheer strength they make up for with solid mechanics, resulting in very efficient swings and constant center contact. There is really very little wasted motion. Once you couple these mechanics with the modern physically fit player, some can really move it, even those who aren't super tall (ie Bianca) Male amateurs typically neglect this since they can use raw strength to overcome swing flaws (myself included) . This typically works fine when you are still relatively young, but I can't help but think it also directly contributes to the "Im losing distance as I age" threads. I am in the boat that every able bodied male under 50 with modern clubs should be able to swing driver at least 100 mph. Plenty who cannot will blame strength, flexibility, proportionality, phase of the moon, etc as the culprit, but in reality it's mostly poor mechanics which results in a lot of wasted motion/effort.
  10. No disagreement there. The main issue is the Xi+ is pretty soon going to be a legacy product and future support might be limited. I agree. I would also argue the ball only distance data isn't super helpful if your range doesn't have high quality full flight balls. I do all my gapping indoors with my actual balls
  11. Ya'll should read the forum rules, discussion about religion and politics have no place here.
  12. Not all boomers, just the boomers who actually dislike him. Silly goose.
  13. 87% of them have managed to google A L L I S O N S T O K K E typing exclusively with their two index fingers.
  14. Rickie doesn't need sympathy. The boomers who needlessly hate on him because of his clothing choices and marketability will yell at the clouds till the end of their days.
  15. This is your issue, you are attempting to hit up on it and teeing the ball excessively high as well. To answer your question, no you really don't need to hit up on it, especially with modern drivers that can launch the ball high with low spin. Don't play the ball any more forward than inside your lead heal, don't tee it excessively high, and make sure you still get to your lead side before impact. If you can learn to shallow the shaft correctly, the tee height and ball position largely take care of all the "up". If you are excessively tilting and not getting pressure to your lead side, contact is always going to be poor because you have to pull the club through impact to get the club back to the ball
  16. Some golf statisticians say Tiger was so good from 5ft and in because he was so consistent with his start lines that he could afford to hit them very firm and neglect the smaller capture size. Much like his course management skills, perhaps this was yet another one of the things he figured out before it was really quantified and backed by data.
  17. Did you use a CC via paypal? You can always try a charge back
  18. Exactly. I use a large line on my ball, I don't ever intentionally position the ball to hit the line, but a lot of times I will look at the club face just to see where I hit it. Zero adjustments are made, it's just information to gauge the strike quality vs shot outcome.
  19. Pepper, please reread the thread title. You seem to be talking about something completely unrelated.
  20. Not likely, your arms are the only thing that connect you to the club, a swing where you don't use them does not exist. You very well can be getting your arms disconnected early in the swing in your attempt to use less arms. That typically forces you to pull the handle late in the swing to get back to the ball, which can result in topped/thin/no divot shots. That or you are steep early in transition and EE/right tilt to shallow it out late, which has similar results. In both cases you need to learn to use your arms/wrists more early in the swing so you don't need to rely on them late in the swing.
  21. It sounds like you are trying trying to hit up on it by dipping your right shoulder too much
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