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  1. [quote name='BuckyBadger' timestamp='1406837695' post='9826331'] What a shocker! Guy looks like the poster child for THC use. What a waste of talent. [/quote] Yeah since THC is addictive and all and normally requires intensive rehab...
  2. Asking for others to help you pay to play golf, without divulging how well you play, can be seen as disrespectful of the game and of those you ask. Golf is a game of absolutes, strict rules, and an honor code. There is a reason you can take someones name and go and look up their index and past scores. Golf is not like a game of texas hold-em where you lose an advantage by showing what cards you are holding, unless of course you are bluffing and just trying to bait others to beef up the pot...
  3. I barely clean my pure grips (maybe once every 2-3 weeks), with my old lamkins I was cleaning then every 2-3 uses before they got dirty and lost their tackiness.
  4. [quote name='bigskylos' timestamp='1406817365' post='9823857'] [quote name='sefus12' timestamp='1406817086' post='9823831'] What kind of sponsors are you looking for? [/quote] I'm looking to find a sponsor that has the 50k it would take to play pro golf for a year. Right now I'm thinking kickstarter is my best shot. I just don't know what to say on my kickstarter page to get people to contribute. [/quote] I'll tell you one thing, you will need A LOT more than "im older, rusty, not playing on a regular basis, and have little to show for myself in terms of golf ability at a high level under pressure, but hey I have the course record at a few munis"
  5. [quote name='Titleist_242' timestamp='1406747244' post='9818675'] yeah but i think the total measurement is less important than the 1" tipped in this instance, you can lengthen or shorten a shaft... but can't "untip" it [/quote] agreed
  6. Lesson learned, always ask for explicit tip to grip measurements on shafts. It might play 45.5 in certain heads...shorter in others.
  7. Cool thread, I want to get a legit fitting now I have the same issue as you, I have a 15* 913Fd and a 19* 910F...typically they are withing 10yrds of each other unless I really nuke one with the Fd. Same flight characteristics as well, the Fd is for low lasers that have a ton of roll out..the 19* obviously launches much higher and lands soft. I could easily drop the 3w and add a wedge, but Im quite happy with my 3 wedge set up right now and dont want to complicate it by adding another into the mix So instead I keep both since I play a lot of windy courses, 3w when I want to keep it low, 5w when I can let it get up and carried by the wind.
  8. [quote name='diehllane' timestamp='1406698168' post='9814979'] How do you people need so many balls? I'm thinking about following a few WRXers around and collecting all their lost balls. [/quote] Either that or these are average WRXers who hit SWs 150yrds..so the ball is trash after 2-3 holes
  9. [quote name='clesports' timestamp='1406679828' post='9813051'] I'm glad your happy with your irons. Are these your carry numbers? 8 iron 180yds / 5 iron 210yds? I know that the G25's are a club longer loft wise with low cg but even a 7 iron with a 180 yards of carry is huge. Golfers with these types of numbers usually have a driver SS between 125mph and 130mph. You stated your driver SS was 102-105 max with 265-270 of carry? or is that roll too. The PGA average is 275 yds of carry with an average SS of 113. A pga 8 iron is like 160 carry with an 87 SS. I'm not trying to p*ss on your parade but your numbers don't ad up. Not saying your full of BS, either. Perhaps you deloft your irons during impact. Just trying to get some accurate info because I have been considering moving to a club that is easier to hit and provides more distance. [/quote] I didnt want to bring up all of these points, but I'm glad you did. I have a higher driver SS than the OP, yet my pure 8 iron only goes 160yrds (although thats with a wimpy MP63).
  10. I like to hit off the deck on the tee box, with a positive angle of attack. Instant fairway finder good for 280-300m
  11. [quote name='Splitter' timestamp='1406683674' post='9813537']OK, so here's my question since we have so many golf ball aficionados on one thread... Does anyone believe that TM actually has this many "blems" at this point? I only use TM because they're the reason for the post, but I'm not really convinced Titleist balls are blems either.. Titleist blems can be found EVERYWHERE and both Dicks and PGA SS had Lethal practice balls @ $20 for MONTHS. Now the web sites are dumping them for $10... So... How much do they *really* cost to make? I'm *consistently* told that the stores make next to nothing on golf balls. And I believe that.. So, is TM/Titleist really eating a ton of money on these or are there some FAT margins in golf balls?[/quote]when they are already on their way out, they will stamp everything practice to blow it out as not to cannibalize sales of the new ball selling at a slightly lower price. Many companies (Apple is a big one) sells on their way out products as refurbs when they are actually new
  12. When you hit 300m off the deck, is that with your bubba or Jamie swing?
  13. Could make for a great movie..Happy gilmore meets the gridiron gang
  14. I burned my last pair of cargos back in 2011. Get with the times folks!
  15. Looks liek some titleist staffers are testing out full bags of the new 915s
  16. [quote name='Lesmond' timestamp='1406611787' post='9807521'] [quote name='gambit' timestamp='1406586446' post='9804391'] Damn...might have to go all 915 woods...another expensive fall. [/quote] Also, looks like same surefit in 913f and H? [/quote] Has not been the case for the 910 or 913, with the H having a larger diameter
  17. Don't see anything in the eBay description that it includes the weight
  18. Actually you did, his point was swinging 80% is purely a bandaid for other swing faults that are magnified when swinging at full tilt. But if your swing is fundamentally sound you can easily get to 95% of your potential easily without activitely trying to manipulate anything
  19. Was probably a demo in the pro shop..hence the faded Pvd, faded grip, mismatched headcover, and wrong weights
  20. Great thread, I really hate when people to tell me to "swing easy". That just results in a shot thats still offline and 50yards short. But when I can swing FREELY, I usually end up just crushing one, but that usually only happens after I already put one OB, go figure.
  21. [quote name='kody17' timestamp='1406596808' post='9805773'] Simply trying to help people out. I have never hit a 180 yard 8 iron before. Well, I did today. And its solely because of the G25 irons I was playing. Seriously you guys, you are going to come on here and talk s*** about me and basically call me a liar. I am no way bragging, I am just clearly explaining how sweet these irons are, and that a TON of people could benefit from them. And yes, I'm talking about many of you guys on here. [/quote] whoa easy tiger! I was never doubting how far you hit the shot, when I was experimenting with GI irons I was hitting them for miles, but it didnt do me much good when all my gaps got messed up.
  22. he said it normally wasnt an 8..so he gained at least 1 club..if not 2...if I switched to these irons like the OP is instructing me too, I would have to rework the entire bag to accomodate the gaps it would create
  23. [quote name='knock it close' timestamp='1406593906' post='9805395'] And how do we know the weight isn't foreword in the driver? Cause a weight that weighs about 4% of the total mass isn't right next to the face?? [/quote] Careful using facts in these perception based threads!
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