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  1. Content with my clubs, but still switching a couple back and forth. Sometimes add a couple, and sometimes take out a couple. Sometimes 1 FW, sometimes 2. Sometimes 1 Hybrid, sometimes 2. Sometimes odd # irons, sometimes even.
  2. I own four 2 Woods, all with Metal heads though. Cobra Steel Classic 12* Low Profile Lady's Driver Taylor Made RBZ 13* Tour Spoon Early Taylor Made 13* Tour Spoon with Titanium Shaft Titleist 13.5* 975F
  3. I can pretty much do the top of my bag like you did. 9.5* 983E Graphite Design YS-6 Stiff 9.5* 975D Graffaloy ProLite Stiff 13.5* 975F True Temper EI-70 Stiff 15* 980F Aldilla Green NV Stiff The lofts are too close together for most people, but I am a short hitter of FW's, and i prefer to hit them off a tee. I prefer to hit hybrids, or standard irons off the deck. The only one of the above shafts that I am not completely in love with yet is the TT EI-70. It feels different from the others. That Aldilla Green NV is an awesome shaft.
  4. I honestly forgot to mention, "because this is what I can afford", as a factor which also influences my taste in equipment.
  5. 2015? 9.5 Degree 350cc 983E, with Graphite Design YS-6 Stiff Flex Shaft 13 Degree Taylor Made RBZ Tour Spoon, with Factory Stiff Flex Shaft My honorable mentions: 10 Degree 300cc GBB Hawkeye VFT, with System 60 Regular Flex Shaft 13.5 Degree Titleist 975F, with True Temper EI70 Stiff Flex Shaft Q-Roll Firebird Putter Acuity Alignment Putter Next Pulse Putter Black & Red Club Glove Headcovers 1,3,5 etc.
  6. Driver (or 2W) 3W (or 4W) 3 Hybrid (or 4 Hybrid)
  7. How about a thread where we compare the whole assortment of those classic 1990's Heads by Callaway, Taylor Made, Titleist, and anything else that comes to mind. I owned all three sizes of the BB heads in succession, starting with a brand new BB with a Memphis 10 shaft. I was so proud of that first BB. Then the GBB seemed to just crush the ball. Then the BBB looked huge, like a coconut on the end of a stick. I played a Titanium Bubble 2 for a good while, but I hit the GBB and BBB longer back then. The price of the 975D didn't come down until after I had already stopped switching clubs in rapid succession. I finally got around to trying one a few years ago, and I loved it. I then wondered how it would compare to the GBB head to head. So I have tried a few of each here lately, and I have a definite preference for the 975D, Regarding those 1990's heads, I wish I would have jumped to Titleist a long, long time ago. I wish I would have been cherry picking nice used Titleist clubs and putting them both into play, and into the closet all these years since then. My own little hoard. I missed out I guess.
  8. Don't mean to sound like a beggar, but I will gladly take any "free to a good home" 983E or 975D clubs. Shucks, 980F or 975F as well. Please, standard length shafts (or close to it) only though. Send me a nice clean one, and I'll send you a pocket knife. Just fishing a little bit. No harm intended.
  9. Anyone ever seen a 975D with no serial number on the head? Were all the 975D's stamped with one? I have owned 3, and one of them didn't have one. It had the Graphalloy ProLite shaft, and seemed genuine otherwise.
  10. TimV, that is such a classy sounding old set. The whole bag.
  11. If just 5, then; Driver 3 Hybrid 7 Iron 9 Iron Putter If 6, then add a 5 Iron. If 7, then add a 52 Degree AW. No interest in playing with less than 5.
  12. I love the 975D and the 983E, but I struggled with slicing the K.
  13. If I played alone, I would be perfectly happy hitting a 975D, but my friend hits a G25 and I like to try to hit it out there with him, so I prefer the 983e if I am playing with him.
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