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  1. Content with my clubs, but still switching a couple back and forth. Sometimes add a couple, and sometimes take out a couple. Sometimes 1 FW, sometimes 2. Sometimes 1 Hybrid, sometimes 2. Sometimes odd # irons, sometimes even.
  2. I own four 2 Woods, all with Metal heads though. Cobra Steel Classic 12* Low Profile Lady's Driver Taylor Made RBZ 13* Tour Spoon Early Taylor Made 13* Tour Spoon with Titanium Shaft Titleist 13.5* 975F
  3. I can pretty much do the top of my bag like you did. 9.5* 983E Graphite Design YS-6 Stiff 9.5* 975D Graffaloy ProLite Stiff 13.5* 975F True Temper EI-70 Stiff 15* 980F Aldilla Green NV Stiff The lofts are too close together for most people, but I am a short hitter of FW's, and i prefer to hit them off a tee. I prefer to hit hybrids, or standard irons off the deck. The only one of the above shafts that I am not completely in love with yet is the TT EI-70. It feels different from the others. That Aldilla Green NV is an awesome shaft.
  4. I honestly forgot to mention, "because this is what I can afford", as a factor which also influences my taste in equipment.
  5. 2015? 9.5 Degree 350cc 983E, with Graphite Design YS-6 Stiff Flex Shaft 13 Degree Taylor Made RBZ Tour Spoon, with Factory Stiff Flex Shaft My honorable mentions: 10 Degree 300cc GBB Hawkeye VFT, with System 60 Regular Flex Shaft 13.5 Degree Titleist 975F, with True Temper EI70 Stiff Flex Shaft Q-Roll Firebird Putter Acuity Alignment Putter Next Pulse Putter Black & Red Club Glove Headcovers 1,3,5 etc.
  6. Driver (or 2W) 3W (or 4W) 3 Hybrid (or 4 Hybrid)
  7. How about a thread where we compare the whole assortment of those classic 1990's Heads by Callaway, Taylor Made, Titleist, and anything else that comes to mind. I owned all three sizes of the BB heads in succession, starting with a brand new BB with a Memphis 10 shaft. I was so proud of that first BB. Then the GBB seemed to just crush the ball. Then the BBB looked huge, like a coconut on the end of a stick. I played a Titanium Bubble 2 for a good while, but I hit the GBB and BBB longer back then. The price of the 975D didn't come down until after I had already stopped switching clubs in rapid succession. I finally got around to trying one a few years ago, and I loved it. I then wondered how it would compare to the GBB head to head. So I have tried a few of each here lately, and I have a definite preference for the 975D, Regarding those 1990's heads, I wish I would have jumped to Titleist a long, long time ago. I wish I would have been cherry picking nice used Titleist clubs and putting them both into play, and into the closet all these years since then. My own little hoard. I missed out I guess.
  8. Don't mean to sound like a beggar, but I will gladly take any "free to a good home" 983E or 975D clubs. Shucks, 980F or 975F as well. Please, standard length shafts (or close to it) only though. Send me a nice clean one, and I'll send you a pocket knife. Just fishing a little bit. No harm intended.
  9. Anyone ever seen a 975D with no serial number on the head? Were all the 975D's stamped with one? I have owned 3, and one of them didn't have one. It had the Graphalloy ProLite shaft, and seemed genuine otherwise.
  10. TimV, that is such a classy sounding old set. The whole bag.
  11. If just 5, then; Driver 3 Hybrid 7 Iron 9 Iron Putter If 6, then add a 5 Iron. If 7, then add a 52 Degree AW. No interest in playing with less than 5.
  12. I love the 975D and the 983E, but I struggled with slicing the K.
  13. If I played alone, I would be perfectly happy hitting a 975D, but my friend hits a G25 and I like to try to hit it out there with him, so I prefer the 983e if I am playing with him.
  14. I hate to say this, but I think an honest average person needs to chime in on this. I read a couple of comments which said, "you are only hitting that small 14 degree wood 175 yards?" I gamble that lots of average Joe's hit their 3w, 4w, or 5w 175 yards, because they don't attain enough clubhead speed to get the club's full potential. I hit my 3 hybrid as far as I hit a fairway wood off the deck. I can hit my driver or a 2 wood farther off the tee, but off the ground my 3 hybrid is as long as anything else. I have a slow swing speed.
  15. I have been meaning to reply to this thread for a while now. So why do I play vintage clubs? Several reasons, I suppose. The clubs I liked and wanted when I first started playing were expensive back then, but are dirt cheap now. I should have started chasing more of them down 3 or 4 years ago when they were easier to come by in great condition at play it again sports and the golf shops. Now they have so little trade in value that they don't show up in the stores much, and when you do find them either the heads are marked up bad, or else the grips are starting to crumble. I waited a couple of years too late to start buying up the good old stuff locally. I could have gotten so much good stuff 3 or 4 years ago. I don't buy clubs online. With very few exceptions, I don't think clubs have improved much in the last 14 to 18 years; at least not in meaningful ways that I can take advantage of. I can't square up huge 460CC heads very well, and I can't hit long shafts very straight, so all of the new drivers are wrong for me. The best example of a new driver I have found, is a TM RBZ 13* Tour Spoon that is a great tee box option. I do like small headed hybrid irons. They live up to the hype.
  16. My computer crashed shortly after I started this thread. Now my cell phone has also died. I will not surrender!!!
  17. There seems to be a lighthearted atmosphere in the Classic Golf section. Easy going, low stress, not just a half dozen people trying to win arguments, etc.
  18. "I'm confused, you mention you just landed here but the side profile says you joined in 2013 and have192 posts. Am I missing something? If so welcome" I just landed here in the "Classic Golf" section. The "Old" Equipment section. I stumbled upon this section via a link posted in a thread over in the "Modern" Equipment forum. I then lurked and scrolled back through the pages reading Classic Golf threads for about a week and realized that: none of my clubs are brand new, and most of the clubs I like best are 12 to 18 years old now. I also have some clubs I really like that are past the 25 year mark now. Maybe this forum is a better fit for my tastes? I sure don't rush out and buy new clubs. I don't even think about doing it. I don't buy clubs that are only one or two cycles old. I am a cheap old fart, and I am not going to spend $400 to $500 on a golf club that I will be able to buy for $30 later in life. I can wait..... Some of the best drives I've ever hit were with DT90's, or Professional 90's. The new stuff is overrated, except for the small headed Hybrids. I have to admit that they are easier for me to hit for distance in the fairway than high lofted fairway woods are. I can keep the small headed Hybrid low and control it better. Probably the shorter shaft?
  19. 975D was 1998-2001. I love that club. I have 2, and I used to have a 3rd one, but the shaft had been shortened on it so I let it go. Has anyone ever seen a 975D with No Serial Number on the head?
  20. Titleist 983e with a Graphite Design YS-6 Stiff
  21. Titleist 983e at 350cc. Really Tall Face. Like a bigger version of the 975D. Not as wide from Toe to Heel as the 983k at 365cc. See my Avatar.
  22. "Guys it was a joke.." Oh, I wasn't offended. It's a reality of the day in which we live. People want the short version, but some stories require more words. "I farted". Now see, that story doesn't require very many words to get the point across. But explaining what age you were when you started Golf, what clubs you had back then, and the journey since then is a bit of a long story. Hello, my name is Sky High Handicap. I am not very good at Golf. I three putt too often to score well. I still consider breaking 100 a good round. I just want to have fun. It's definitely more fun in the fairway.
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