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  1. New in plastic. Untipped and ordered 1.75" long (see comparison pic to my other Ventus TM shaft), so can be tipped and butt cut to your preference. No grip. Headcover and tool included. Needed to use some shop credit so bought something to sell that I knew I could unload to a GolfWRXer. Asking $680 shipped, you save sales tax/shipping and $100 off retail and you dont have to wait until late June. Not looking to split, but if I have a buyer for both, willing to split and only increase price for shipping. Head only $420 shipped. Headcover and t
  2. #1. Ventus Blue 6S Velocore w/TM tip. Standard playing length for TM. New, never hit a ball. $255 shipped. SOLD #2. SIM 2 MAX 9*. New in plastic, head only, headcover and tool. Asking $430 shipped. SOLD #3. SIM 2 9*. New in plastic, head only, headcover and tool. Asking $420 shipped. #4. Tensei AV Blue Raw 65S Titleist 3w shaft. New never hit a ball. Asking $80 shipped. SOLD
  3. One item today. Titleist U500 2 iron with Graphite Design AD 95 X flex. Shaft is a $160 upgrade. Currently no grip installed, but will install prior to being shipped or will send with grip of choice if I have it. Asking $280. No trade interest.
  4. Two items for sale. No stories no issues. # 1 - Diamana ZF 70TX. Measures 43.25" with PXG tip installed. In near mint condition, no scratches, no rubbing, no scuffs, no signs of wear. Will play a shorter than 45" in most brands, or will make for a great 3W. Asking $225 shipped. I have a Titleist tip, Taylormade tip and a Callaway tip, if needed instead of PXG. Titleist and TM tip are new OEM tips. Callaway tip is OEM as well, but cogs have some paint chipping when heat was applied, if need Callaway will send pics first. #2 - Taylormade SIM2 Max 9* he
  5. Several years ago when Titleist started messing with what was a ProV1 vs ProV1x, I bought 10 dozen 2015 ProV1x's as that was the last year of the "normal" ball. My question is this for those that know. Is the ProV1x Left Dash, basically a 2015 ProV1x?
  6. Two items, no stories, no issues. #1 - New in Plastic SIM2 10.5 head, headcover and tool. $420 shipped. #2 - New in Plastic SIM2 9 head, headcover and tool. $420 shipped. No trades.
  7. For those who know or have one. What is the tip to butt of grip measurement of a PXG shaft gen 2 driver when the playing length is 45”. It seems like it needs to 43.5”. Keep in mind gen 4 clubs are different than gen 2. So stock shaft length of gen 2 vs gen 4 is different.
  8. 3 shafts for sale today. All brand new, never hit a ball. I bought 3 SIM2's to test several heads and different lofts. All stock TM length, no special tipping. Kuro Kage 60S - $100 shipped obo HZRDUS Smoke RDX Black 6.0 70g - $115 shipped obo Tensei Raw Blue 60 S - $115 shipped obo SOLD No trade interest.
  9. 1. City, State? Sedalia, MO 2. Handicap? 0 3. Current putter? Scotty Cameron Newport 1.5 Prototype 4. What Bettinardi Studio Stock putter do you want to test? SS28 5. Are you able to test equipment on a golf course with one week of its receipt? Yes 6. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Yes
  10. New in plastic SIM2 10.5* head and headcover only, Ventus Velocore Blue 6x Asking $700 shipped. $440 head only $250 shaft only No stories no issues. No trade interest. Send offers, worst I can say is no.
  11. One left. No stories, brand new, never touched a ball. #1 - SIM2 9* - New in plastic, head only, headcover and wrench. Asking $440 shipped. Or $460 shipped and I will include $80 of GolfNow Rewards. SOLD #2 - SIM2 Max 3W 15* - New never touched a ball, head only and headcover. Asking $250 shipped. SOLD If you need a shaft, we can discuss the options I have. No trade interest. Feel free to send offers, worst I can say is no.
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