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  1. BRONZE for Taiwan!!! Congratulations C.T.
  2. You just get off to a painfully slow start at Blackthorn. Short par 4 1st, Driveable par 4 2nd, Par 3 3rd, Reachable par 5 4th. Always seem to be backed up by the time you reach 3 or 4 and never recovers after that. Its a great course that I would play everyday if there weren't so many people.
  3. Warren GC (Notre Dame) is the best public in the area. Its just pure class with all that ND money behind it. Better than Blackthorn imo. Blackthorn gets a ton of play, Warren seems to be easier to get a tee time along with the fact its just a better course. You cant go wrong with either course. If you want a sneaky cheaper course I would check out Elbel. Municipal course but it has a good layout and greens are usually pretty slick.
  4. I just recently got the vaccine so I can partake. It will be nice to get back to some normalcy. Enjoy your trip!!
  5. Move the lake. Holes 11-13 cannot be compromised.
  6. Can you drink beer on these? I feel like an open container would splash all over the place. I'm assuming the more you drink the more fun they get.
  7. In his interview with No Laying Up during their trip to Bandon he said he regrets making The Dunes Club private and has drastically relaxed his stance on letting the general public play the Dunes Club. You might get lucky with a simple phone call.
  8. I just had a putter fitting and this putter was recommended for me. Mid toe hang was the recommendation. On a 5 stroke sample this putter far out performed my gamer Giannini blade. My stroke consistency was 34% with the Giannini and 94% with the Chicago. I was floored. The feel of this putter is probably the best feeling putter I've ever tested. Cant wait to get this thing in the mail.
  9. Yeah no problem man. I have been using it all the time now and i've seen a complete difference in my effectiveness from the bunker. I had a shot at a local course the other day that was 105 to the pin with steep runoffs front and back. I hit a SW perfect and it landed 20 feet left of the pin and stuck. I made the putt for birdie. I cannot tell you the last time I birdied a hole from a fairway bunker. I might have to find the guy who gave me this tip and buy him dinner. Glad it has helped you.
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