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  1. Does anyone have the Nike victory polo. How does it fit. I’ve bought the dry tipped polo and it fit really weird in the arms. Just wondering how the victory polo compares to their others.
  2. I am looking for the best polo with a great fit as I am going to be purchasing many for the upcoming golf season. The best fitting one I have tried so far is Under Armour, Nike isn’t bad but the sleeves fit so weird compared to Under Armour. Need Suggestions.
  3. Has anyone on here bought the Nike modern camo polo. It seems to be pretty much the icon jacquard polo, but with a modern fit. Thanks.
  4. Does anyone know how the raglan polos fit? I'm really thinking about getting one, but not sure of the fit in the arms. Thanks.
  5. What do you guys think is the most modern fitting golf polo that Nike has out now. I want to get one that's athletic looking and not to baggy. Also one that's fits kinda snug around the waist if I wear shorts. Thanks.
  6. Anyone who has the Nike dynamic woven shorts, what do you think of them? How do they fit as well?
  7. I'm trying to make the transition to shorts. I feel if I'm playing any of the muni courses around here I'm to dressed up in pants, I don't know it just feels like I'm trying to act like a pro. I do feel shorts can look just as good though if you get the right combo. Check out J Day in Nikes new shorts for the season. I think it looks just as good as pants.
  8. What do you think is the best golf apparel brand based on style, fit, quality and also players on tour that wear it. What brand do you think looks the best overall.
  9. What do you guys usually wear to golf in. I usually wear pants, but thinking about going all shorts this season. The temperature here is usually about 85+ during summer. I feel to dressed up though when I wear pants to golf in the summer.
  10. It's a little hard to say since most guys have been wearing pullovers all week. The Peter Millar guys have had a great classic look for the Masters. I really like Jason Day's aeroreact polo/vest combo today. Yea I really like the Nike stuff on Day. Spieth's outfits haven't been too bad so far.
  11. Who do you guys think has been the best dressed so far?
  12. Which one do you think has better apparel based on style, fit, perfromance, and quality.
  13. I've always wore all Under Armour apparel, but am thinking about switching to Nike. Can anyone offer any insight between the two brands. How much better is Nike stuff?
  14. The new lava glow aeroreact polo definitely doesn't look as vibrant and bright as the other lava glow polos, but it still looks nice.
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