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  1. Head is used but in very nice condition. See pics. - $235 shipped Shaft has not been gamed and still has label on it. Regular flex and standard length. $125 shipped
  2. Here is one that has not been used: SYCG12020-254D0
  3. Here is another one if someone needs one. I think it is still good SCEX11449-XLDAA
  4. SYCG12020-D4XTJ I have not used that code. Hopefully it works for someone
  5. These are in excellent condition because I am that guy that uses iron head covers! I got these from Callaway. The set is 5-AW with Steel Fiber i80 Regular flex (plays stiffer in my opinion). The 6-AW all have nearly new GP Tour Velvet Plus 4. The 5 iron (which I barely hit) still has a Lamkin Grip on it that is in great condition as well. 2* flat (can easily bend). Standard length. See pics for the great condition these are in! Hand: Right Shaft Flex: Regular Shaft Material: Graphite Length: Standard Gender: Mens Lie Angle: 2 Flat (Red) Set Composition
  6. Yeah, I just prefer the weight if I can find it. And thanks for the pics!
  7. anyone? I would certainly someone would have one for sale somewhere.
  8. I am really liking mine. I only have 3 out of the 5 irons I ordered (9 iron was on back order, 8 iron had to be returned/replaced), but the 7, PW and AW are all solid performers. I would say that my Apex 19 Pros feel a bit better. Especially on flushed shots!
  9. Anyone know where to get a Sim2 Max D heel weights heavier than 24 gm. That is the heaviest I can find. (at Billy Bobs, eBay)
  10. Anyone know where to get a Sim2 Max D heel weights heavier than 24 gm. That is the heaviest I can find. (at Billy Bobs, eBay)
  11. Anyone know if the face is deeper (taller) on the Sim2 Max compared to the OG Sim max?
  12. Following. I am in the same boat and am looking to get a 28gm weight for the back. Not sure I will mess with he round weight.
  13. Curious if anyone ordered the Sim 2 Max D from TM at 45” playing length. If so, I have 2 questions: 1. What is your head weight? 2. What is your swing weight? (Include the weight of the shaft you are playing)
  14. I actually bought back a set from callawaygolfpreowned last year. Traded a set of Apex Pro's for regular Apex. 2 weeks later, the Pro set came into their inventory so I traded them back.
  15. Hey all! Anyone have this driver head that can weight it for me? Thanks!
  16. They have been VERY responsive to both email and phone calls for me. But I would call them. Great people to deal with.
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