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  1. Looking for a bit of feedback on the difference between these 2 shafts. I have hit both at a fitting. Fitter said I could use either. Both felt great to me. ANyone else hit both and have some feedback?
  2. Feel was good. I have always liked the recoils. Again, probably just ego coming back a bit. I am not old (50), just slow! Once I get them and they ar ein the bag I won't even think about it.
  3. Thanks! that I understand. They are just so close in weight and all that I am just wondering how big a difference there is. I have played the f3, but was just fitted into the f2 at a TM fitting day. My eye has dealt with it and I ordered new irons in the f2, but am second guessing. Meaning my ego is rearing it’s ugly head!
  4. Looked them up, and other than 1 gram difference and slight torque difference, what else is different between the f2 and f3?
  5. So I pulled the trigger on a set of Apex Pro 21s! 6-AW. Man it was hard choosing between it and the Mizuno 921 Forged. In the end, i just like the looks of the Callaway better. Feel was pretty much the same for me. Now the hard part... waiting for the order!
  6. MAKE REASONABLE OFFERS ON ANYTHING! Callaway Epic MaxJust not the right shaft for me (I am going down to an A flex) so I am gonna order a different one. Used it on nine holes. Not a thing wrong with it. Looks new. 12* head 45" playing length. HZRDUS Smoke iM10, Regular flex. SOLD Taylor Made Sim Max 5 Fairway Excellent shape. See pics for condition. Ventus Blue 5R Regular flex stock shaft. Comes with head cover and nearly new Tour Velvet +4 grip. Great club. Just giving in to fitters recommendation and moving to softer shafts for my swing. Sold Taylor Made Sim Ma
  7. I have been playing Apex Pro 19 with the i80 Steelfiber now for about a year and a half. I am looking to try the Recoil shaft in these for a bit smoother/softer shaft (I love recoil and played them for years). Never swapped shafts in irons before, so, if I swap the Steelfibers for the Recoils, what will that do to the swingweight? May try getting one shaft for a test before I do the whole set.
  8. Thanks! I was looking for the head size and just did not see it anywhere. I liked the size of the flash. The Apex Pro just seems a bit to small for my liking.
  9. I can’t believe this has never been discussed before! Brilliant!
  10. Yeah, the offer from Maple Hill is weak at best. I can get more at CPO for what they offered
  11. Love the nitron, but am selling mine because it tore up my 2017 Sync bag. Those ridges on the lock system and cradle are sharp
  12. Pretty sure Wilson will not read this here...
  13. After third-times-a-charm, I would use one too if someone has one to give up. Thanks!
  14. Hit the new Ping heads yesterday. Sound is terrible on the Max compared to my Sim Max. Coming off of COVID, so my swing was not great at all, but I would say little if any, forgiveness differences between the 425 and my Sim Max.
  15. Just pay them $5. I hear they let anyone post for $5.
  16. I know Clicgear has one, but I am not a fan of having to have the button on my phone. What else are you all using and would recommend?
  17. Cleveland Zip Core wedges. I have 2 of these. Both come straight from Cleveland and are stock length, 2* flat and have nearly new Tour Velvet Plus 4 grips. 60* has a mark from bending them flat. See pics for condition, but these are in great shape. Been used for about 10 rounds or so. - $OLD Tour Rotation Stick. - Like new. See pics. SOLD
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