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  1. So, I just upgraded to the 4.0. Had a 3.0 and the bar the bag sits on always scraped against the ground when opening and closing it which caused the padding to be torn off. Was I just opening it wrong, or is it just the way it is designed? I like to keep my stuff in mint condition and hate to think that this HAS to happen. Especially with the price of these things.
  2. Anyone else have the top-lock system rip/gouge you bag on the Nitron Push Cart? I love the cart, but it has ripped the sides of my Sun Mountain Sync bag that lean on the top-lock. I cannot imagine there is much I can do about it. For now I put a towel there for the bag to rest on. But I am about to go back to a Clicgear... or I may just get a bag made for the top-lock feature. Any thoughts? Anyone else have this issue?
  3. Well why the heck not... everyone else seems to want to see it, so I will ask also, can someone dm me pics?
  4. Sim Max 7 Wood - Comes with head cover. Only been hit a few times, but there are a couple of chips that you can see in pics. None are visible from address. Stock Ventus blue 5r shaft and Zgrip. Really is in great shape other than that. - SOLD
  5. Did you buy the fakes you tested from this seller? He has been on eBay a long time and has sold a lot of equipment. I have bought from him for years and have known many others that have. I have no reason to doubt his feedback reviews. Do you have reason to? Actual knowledge or do you just “feel” like doubting? I am nor trying to overlook fakes being sold, if you ha e proof, bring it and let’s call it out. But I get tired of people in our culture demeaning and spreading untruths when they have no facts or proof. Much better to think the best about someone until you ca
  6. So, basically, I do not know about a thing so it must not be legit and I am going to cast some shade on someone. Nice. I have had several purchases from both ksouth9 and tee2green. I would not hesitate to buy from them again. Fast shipping. LEGIT products.
  7. Curious, anyone play Poppy Ridge? How is it? Is it worth considering?
  8. Here is a code. Let us know here if you use it. SCEX11446-3GFH0
  9. Another question: As I am looking at the courses, many of them say I am not guaranteed a cart. I can order a bag to use for this trip and carry (I REALLY don't want to, as I hope to play 36 holes some days - walking with a cart, yes. But I am not used to carrying). Maybe this was a bigger problem early on. How big of a problem REALLY is it to get a cart right now? You all have been very helpful.
  10. Tons of help everyone. Thanks so much!
  11. Thanks all! Another question: is it difficult to get morning tee times there right now?
  12. Thanks! Any advice on what to expect weather wise in mid November?
  13. Going to spend a few days in San Jose and would love some recommendations of public courses to play near by. Ready. GO!
  14. Both wedges are in great shape and have been gamed several rounds. PLENTY of life left in these. Great wedges, just gotta sell a couple off. MD4 54* - S grind on this one. 2* flat. Original grip which is also still in really good shape. See the pics. ~SOLD MD5 Jaws 60* - This is the 8W grind. 2* flat. I put a new Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 on it. See pics for condition. ~ SOLD
  15. Callaway Mavrik Max Heavenwood - Used one round. Like new condition, but as always, see the pics and judge for yourself. Comes with headcover. Plays at 42.5 inches. Has Helium Black 5 Graphite shaft and Callaway grip. ~ $225 shipped
  16. Callaway Mavrik 5 wood with Fujikura Ventus Blue w/Velocore - Regular flex. Used. See pics for condition. Plays at 42". Genuine Ventus w/velocore shaft. Comes with head cover and nearly-new Tour Velvet Align grip. - SOLD Ping G410 4 & 5 Hybrids - Used for a season, but still in really great shape. Both with stock Alta CB 70 R shaft. Come with head cover. - sold
  17. Thanks! I was able to use it and grabbed a Sim Max Hybrid!
  18. Callaway Epic Flash Heavenwood - In great condition, but as always, see pics. Plays at 42". Tensei AV 75 Reg flex shaft. Comes with headcover and wrench. - SOLD
  19. I am in need of one if anyone has a spare, please message it to me! Thanks!
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