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  1. All that animosity toward a company because of one club that had a fault? Good luck finding any manufacturer that does not have one slip through every now and then. I always felt that Exotics were a pretty quality company. Maybe try another one and give them a second chance?
  2. Thanks Stuart. My thinking the adaptors potentially had different depths to insert that shaft. more specifically. I am talking a shaft from A Cobra Speed Zone Xtreme going t9 a Taylor Made Sim Max. The club played at 45” in the Cobra.
  3. First up:Odyssey Stroke Lab 10 - Still has some of the sales plastic on it. See pics for condition. 34" with Pistol Grip. Comes with head cover. SOLD Next:Cobra King Speed Zone Xtreme - Used 2 rounds. Excellent condition (no marks, dings nicks, etc.) But as always, see pics for condition. 10.5* and comes with head cover and wrench. -SOLD And last:Cobra King Speed Zone 3 wood - Used 3 rounds. Plays @ 42.5". Excellent condition (no marks, dings nicks, etc.) But as always, see pics for condition. Comes with Tensei Blue AV 75g regular flex shaft, Tour Velvet ALIGN grip, head co
  4. Just like it says. I have a shaft with a Cobra adaptor that I want to install a Taylor Made adaptor on. Right now, with the Cobra adaptor it plays at 45". What will the playing length be with the Taylor Made adaptor? Thanks!
  5. TaylorMade Sim Max 10.5 Ventus Red -Used for a few rounds, but is in excellent condition. (See the pics!) Plays at 45". Comes with head cover and wrench. - SOLD
  6. Could you show a pic of the 7 and PW of each club? That would be awesome!
  7. Would love to see these side by side. I have Apex Pro but am looking at the 585 or 919 Forged (especially the forged). Would to see them side by side though. Can’t get to retailer for a while yet.
  8. I got in for my SZE with Ventus shaft! Grahamd2020 did NOT last long at all!
  9. Code expired... say it ain't so! I had to leave and go play 18, wanted to come back and order a SZE. Oh well, hopefully anther code soon!
  10. Just a heads up, the coupon from GG this week works on the Nitron cart if you can get one. I just happened to log on at the right time (a bit before 9am cst) and snagged one. Not a WOW! deal, but a good deal if you can get it. They do come up a couple times a day from what I hear.
  11. Ok, sorry for the late update. It was indeed the Ventus with Velocore. Played my first round with it on Friday and the tipping is NOT an issue at all. Smooth feeling shaft for sure! And the Mavrik 5 wood is a BEAST! Man that face it hot! Pretty good score for under $200!
  12. Please do not do anything to increase traffic to the BST until feedback is fixed. Time and energy is better spent doing that rather than trying to make it a “popular draw.” To me, saying you want to make it a “popular draw” before the feedback is fixed is like saying, “Let’s break things even more.”
  13. Probably is best. Again, I am probably more frustrated that the BST has become the Wild West. Retail expectations at 2nd hand shop prices. I should probably have just kept quiet... @GoIrish17 ...if the quoted poster above was me, I never said I would keep it and not say anything. I said I would refuse the package so it went back to the buyer.
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