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  1. I'd love to say I use my gap wedge for warm up too, as I think it's a good club for that, but I really need/want those grooves the sharpest in my bag due to all of the partial swings with that club, so I usually avoid hitting it on the range. I need to just keep my "previous one" in the bag and use it at the range, and use the newer one on the course.
  2. A while back I would hit my 9 iron religiously on the range. I figured anything I could hit with the 9 iron, I could hit with any wedge, and if I could do it with a 9 iron I could do it with an 8 iron and most any wedge, and that would cover nearly all of my approach shots on the golf course. Back when I did that I think I was more accurate than I am now. I need to go back to it. That said, I also really like hitting my 2 iron religiously. I tee off with it almost half the holes playing the regular tees and course with penalties left and right most holes. And since I've done that I lose fewer balls and have more confidence. Growing up, we lived near the golf course in our subdivision. My dad was a good golfer who would walk over and play 9 all the time. Back then, the nearest hole he would tee off on was a long par 3 where he hit a 3 iron usually, so 200-ish yards with no warm up and the first swing you make from cold-turkey (or warm turkey if you had just eaten warm turkey 5 minutes earlier). He considered it a great test as a golfer. End result, I think you should hit the long iron and the short iron. They're both great for your swing. Add in the driver, but bad habits form there, and the short greenside wedge, and that's really what you need for a core practice shot routine.
  3. How about the practice swing 2 feet ahead of the ball and on line with your target? People take practice swings with some divot action behind and next to the ball all the time.
  4. Face balance of Hot Metal Pro (left) vs G425, with one end lifted a few millimeters off the floor. Club faces aligned with carpet before lifting.
  5. These G mid-long irons want to turn 20-30 degrees closed as soon you lift any part of them off of any surface. Lift the heel first same result lift the toe first same result lift the whole club a foot in the air same result. My Srixon 3 iron is not like that my wedges are not like that my woods are not like that.
  6. I will point out that Ping G series really want to sit closed at address, esp. in the mid/long irons. The offset and toe weighting results in the face rotating closed anytime the club is not resting flat on the ground. As forgiving, and straight as those clubs can be, it's killing me with a closed face at impact on a lot of shots. It's really hard to counter that while gripping. I've ordered a low-offset Mizuno JPX921 Hot Metal PRO 5 iron to try out. Its face wants to remain fairly neutral at almost any position. If it works, I'll probably replace the whole set of Ping G410's I have now.
  7. You really just need lower loft. Our course regularly has overgrown trees near the fairway and I've been punching out of them for years. Sometimes a 22º iron might work, but lots of times its just way too much loft. Now I use an 18º 2 iron. It ROCKS for this kind of stuff. Before I had a 2 iron, I had a 17º hybrid and it worked pretty good, but I just have more control and confidence with the 2 iron. If it really needs to be really low, I've even used my 12º strong 3 wood. With a de-loft and a punch swing, that thing can go 200 yards and never get more than 4 feet off the ground.
  8. $200 SHIPPED for Fujikura Ventus Velocore Blue 7X X-flex extra stiff shaft with G400 tip (from G400 LST driver), tipped 0.5", 44" to end of tip with Lamkin Crossline cord midsize grip. $35 SHIPPED for Ping Tour 85X extra stiff X-flex hybrid shaft without a tip (from G400 2 hybrid), 39.875" to end of untipped shaft with Ping orange oversize Golf Pride grip. SOLD $35 SHIPPED for Ping Tour 65X extra stiff X-flex driver shaft with G400 tip (from G400 LST driver), 44.25" to end of tip with Golf Pride grip. SOLD $30 SHIPPED for Matrix Red Tie HQ-3 X-flex hybrid shaft with Adams/Taylor Made tip (from a 20° Adams XTD Ti hybrid) and Iomic grip (never played). SOLD 40+shipping for Ping Tour 75S fairway shaft with G400 tip (from G400 5 wood), 41.75" to end of tip with Golf Pride cord grip. Shipping is to lower 48 US states. Ping Tour shafts (top to bottom: Tour 65 X driver, Tour 75 S fairway, Tour 85 X hybrid) Ventus Velocore Blue 7X driver:
  9. It's not the arrow, it's the Indian. You just asked the equaivalent of what's wrong with my hammer when you miss the nail.
  10. You are fast. Still. Try this. I was way, way too fast. Now I'm just too fast. When I do things right, I follow this thought. I even say it silently in my head as I swing. I say to myself ONE-TWO-THREE. Actually I say ONE-TWO-SMILE. The "ONE" is slowly said, as club take-away begins. The "TWO" is said calm/relaxed as my club goes toward extension of my back-swing. The "THREE" or the "SMILE" comes with quick authority to cover the whole downswing motion. I used to hit my a** with my club swinging my driver, my overswing/tempo was so fast (see pic). Well, it's almost impossible not to overswing/break-over if your tempo is too fast. I don't do it so badly anymore. Anything past 30º past parallel is really rare now. Now, as to why I say smile instead of three, it is to remind me to follow through properly. Smile for the follow through just like you're posing for a picture. All the way forward, toward the target, weight fully transferred forward for the finish, with the hands-high wrap-around follow through. It works. I'm not an instructor, but have told a few people and they love it.
  11. A week ago, I felt a little pain there after hitting balls. Saturday while playing and hitting a 30-yard wedge on the 16th hole I felt a sharp intense pain that stopped my follow through cold (like a bad ankle sprain where the ankle collapses). It was there when I tried to hit the second 10-yard wedge after I bladed the first one. I couldn't do anything with the golf follow through motion and quit. By that night, I felt no pain, and started mimicking the golf swing motion. The next day I took a few dozen easy wedge swings at my house with no issues. I did that yesterday too. I'm still taking some time off. It's August. It's hot. It's not that bad of a time to do so. Maybe this weekend, I'll just practice with easy swings, lots off of the tee shots, one day and leave it at that. My dad had this injury decades ago and wore a wrist brace. I'm going to get one. He also said to not muscle any shots like deep rough or buried sand lies -- just pick up and drop somewhere else since 98% of my golf is casual rounds. I went through this with golfer's elbow for a few years and have no signs of it now. And I know how important it is to "quit" when you realize you're aggravating an injury, and to do a brief "cold turkey" period after the injury and take it easy for a while afterward. I've gotten my right arm out of my swing (which I think was the biggest cause of golfer's elbow), and when it hurt more than other times, I adopted the not muscling any shots stance. I'm a big guy at 6'5" 240, so it's really easy to just try and do that whenever I need to.
  12. Yep. Some directional bias but not huge like all the way one way or the other. I'd assume lower spin if draw/fade at the same time than just in the back, but never got those precise measurements.
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