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  1. I'm tall at 6'5" and play my wedges at about +2.125/+2.25" (37.25"-37.625" LW-PW), 66.x lie angles. I swing pretty upright too. And if I'm in the rough, I swing steeper on purpose. I have midsize grips with extra wraps and with wedges from the heavy rough I grab the grip more in my palms instead of fingertips and lock both hands tight. Swing weight is in the low E's. I usually don't swing that hard on my wedges, but I can really nuke my wedges if I feel I need to ("6 iron speed"). Sure, super heavy rough, esp. when wet, will cost me 1 or 2 clubs even with the wedges, and I might still miss
  2. A few years ago, I drove up to TPC San Antonio one afternoon for a business conference starting the next day. I wanted to get a round in after driving up. I had to play the Canyons (Sr. Tour course). I was a little stiff from the car ride, and there was a wee bit of wind (20mph steady, 30mph gusts), but I went for it. I played a "manageable" set of tees in this condition (rating just under par, probably 6400 yards?). I teed off with hybrid a lot. It still was going off the course. I think 2/3rds of the holes I was in my pocket or made double or triple. I think I turned in a 105. It wa
  3. I switched to his swing with my woods and driver about six weeks ago. (I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! -- 70% STRAIGHTER AND NO LOWER BACK PAIN OR GOLFER'S ELBOW -- ALL GONE NOW!! AND HANDICAP HAS DROPPED 2 SHOTS [3 shots really--but I had ballooned up badly in the two weeks prior] IN THAT TIME AND I'VE GOT MORE TO GO). Bryson really seems to stay planted on his rear foot. That requires weight on it. That makes it go left. Also a little bit forward of middle ball position with this swing sends it left. And it does it with a high positive angle of attack. That explains his 5.5º driver. I might b
  4. LCP

    Elbow pain

    The inserts are a must, really. I've been playing cushin inserts in my Ping irons ever since I took up golf again about 8 years ago (I'm 48 now). I swing 110-115 with the driver. I've battled golfers elbow, and there are a few things that could be contributing. One is using your right arm in the swing. That will aggravate golfers elbow. The right arm is just along for the ride. Don't use it to do anything. Not to turn it over, not to dig it out, not to rip it as hard as you can. A swing that is too steep can do that too. You don't really have to take a beaver pelt with every shot to hit
  5. I'd call 30-40 yards "normal roll" in firm conditions for my 2 iron (of course then my 235 distance easily becomes 250). Maybe only 10-15 yards of roll in soft conditions. It is not a high launching club unless I tee it high/hit up on it, and lands shallow and rolls in all conditions.
  6. I hit my Srixon U85 2 iron (18º) with a Modus 3 105X shaft about 235 (avg. roll) on a normal swing (low 100's mph). A mishit into the wind still gets 200. Hard ground decent shot easily gets 250. With the stable steel shaft, I can really get after it though, esp. with a tailwind. Then I can push into the 270's, sometimes close to 300 with a good bounce/roll and tailwind.
  7. Did you spec a swing weight with that length? Mine is 2.125" longer and I spec'd E1 with a midsize grip/X100's and they hit it.
  8. Assuming this wasn't a multi-day stroke tournament you really wanted to finish, how on earth do you not end up in your pocket after 9, or at worst after 11?
  9. Seems like I remember hearing Phil Mickelson keeps a USGA handicap at Whisper Rock so that he could play in the club championship tournament there. If the pro is a regular member, let them play in the championship. Sometimes there's a non-pro member that beats them; remember that too!
  10. pollock, at about the same time you picked up a more forgiving driver head (G410 Plus), I did too, and am chasing this same exact thing. I've watched the same videos. My current ball is a Tour B X. I plan to generally keep playing it, but I've thought about getting some Titleist ProV1 left dash for long bombs. They are expensive though. I've theorized that the AVS is the "almost as good" alternative, and the only other ball I might consider would be the Taylormade TP5x, but I think those go too far with irons. That said, that can be an advantage if I'm hitting into a strong wind, since t
  11. Taylormade TP5x. Really low spin off of iron shots for added distance. Too long/low spinning for me sometimes.
  12. Bridgestone Tour B and the Taylormade TP5 have the market mastered for straight golf balls with plenty of green side spin. The slightest side spin and ProV1's are going to go sideways. They come up short on distance with irons and ballon in and don't hold their line in the wind nearly as well as the Bridgestone and Taylormade either. That said, I've found the TP5x to be ultra-low spinning with irons, and have gotten some "fliers" when I wasn't expecting it with them. I think it only takes a slight loss of spin with a TP5x on an iron shot to drop below the normal spin range for that club gi
  13. "When it’s hot and humid in Massachusetts"...LOL...anyone who actually plays where it really is hot and humid (Houston, Florida, with overnight lows in the low 80's with high 80's percentage humidity) would be like "what a really pleasant, nice day for golf"...
  14. I've definitely noticed rain taking distance off of ball flight. When you're out playing and it starts to rain, if the rain is very light, it's hard to notice anything, but then you keep playing and all of a sudden it starts raining hard and you keep playing for a hole or two. Yes, then I see a big loss in distance. The ball is physically colliding at high velocity with numerous drops of water. That is a lot more resistance than air alone, and the reason a ball loses speed in the air is due to air friction. I'm also pretty sure I've never hit a ball long in the fog or light rain unless I h
  15. We had a fivesome playing skins and had a water par 3 where all five of us hit it in the water. It was the 15th hole. No one hit again. It was a near-silent unanimous move-on-to-the-next-hole situation.
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