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  1. The standard chrome versions won't be out until later in the year, summer, I believe. Nippon allowed dealers to have access to 2-3 sets of the limited edition sets. Probably won't see a demo of these for a little while. They are good though, really good.
  2. Happens more than it should. Warranty claim and you'll have a new one coming to you soon.
  3. No one can factually answer your question. Everyone here, including myself, is giving you their opinion and/or experience. There are people who think any shaft over $100 is a marketing scheme and created by evil rich people who just want your money. There are people who think that anything under $300 is as crooked as the plumbing under your sink and needs to be PURE'd in order to perform. Then there are people who sit right in the middle of those two groups. There are reasons why premium shafts cost more than non premium shafts. The materials used in the premium shafts are expensi
  4. I won't judge your intentions, only you know what they were. However, the title says "16 yard gain..." so it is in fact, smoke and mirrors. It's clickbait at its best, fine print needed. You say everyone is doing it and somewhat downplay anything special happening, but then create this entire post boasting gains as if it is something special.
  5. Someone will definitely be getting an amazing set at a discount for sure.
  6. I literally hate that I'm making this ad right now, but COVID has hit hard in our family and it's time to sell the irons I was planning on gaming this season. New Miura TC201 4-PW -- SOLD Project X 6.5 Black Onyx Cut at standard length No grips, will put on any grip of your choice (no leather grips or Iomic) They swingweight out to D4 with a 50g grip Standard loft and lie (can bend to your specs) BB&Fco Ferrules NOT SPLITTING HEADS/SHAFTS Ping G410 LST 9 head -- $270 shipped CONUS
  7. The title of this post is why I reacted the way I did. It's smoke and mirrors advertising. It's Rocketballz all over again. 16 yard gains! It shows how little consumers actually know about what they need and that distance can still blind them. In the age of technology where knowledge is free and easily accessible it's remarkable that anyone would look at the original post and think anything positive about it.
  8. You don’t necessarily need to go lower in loft AND stiffer profile in shaft. I actually think going to a shaft like a Smoke Blue RDX, Diamana TB or Ventus Red has given my golfers the best results when going longer. Going from 45 to 48 will be a huge difference for most. I start all of my golfers wanting to try this at 46”, then some move to 46.5”.
  9. 7 iron that spins 3500 and has a decent angle of 38* will not be holding any greens.
  10. Ping heads are heavier than others and by quite a bit most often. My G410 LST with the standard weight played D7.5 at 45.5" with a CP2 White grip (heavier grip). It also depends on what shaft you're using. Ping has always had heavier heads. This is also the reason they use CB shafts as their stock options.
  11. I got my demo gear in earlier in the week and have spent some time with the new lineup. I really enjoy the feel and sound of the new fairways and hybrids.
  12. I'm able to get the Z Forged irons, so I don't know why others are hearing differently.
  13. The TB is a phenomenal shaft. It's a staple in the industry, and they just made it better with this series. I have had tremendous success with my golfers. Similar fitting style as what was in the TXG video. Seems to really open up when someone who needs just a little more launch and with a lower lofted head. I love the fact that I can go down a little in loft for that golfer and give them this shaft.
  14. You won't know where the lines are until you've crossed them.
  15. We can only say so much about the driver, since there are multiple other threads about it.
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