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  1. But they were coming out with a ridiculous amount of products in a cycle. Cobra is pretty straight forward with their products and pricing.
  2. The MIM wedge in silver is a very nice looking wedge. I think the fairway wood is a little bit of a struggle for most good golfers because they are a bit upright. They won't be offering a Tour 3 wood in 2021, only the 5 wood. They will have the Big Tour 3 wood which I believe is 57.5*, but it would be nice to be able to flatten it to 57* or below if needed.
  3. They really don’t mess around, which I like about them. And they take really good care of smaller business like myself, not just the big dogs. I’ve had a great relationship with them. I think the crowd that liked the F9 will love the new line coming. The CBs will also be a killer product.
  4. Yes. I wouldn’t think they’re going to release many sets of them, but it would be fun to have a set.
  5. New model(s) coming January PGA show time. They found the SZ, driver mainly, to be a little too high in spin and a lot of their PGA/LPGA players were playing the F9. This model has some weighting that is different, overall it's very similar. I'm excited for the release. There will also be a players CB, Rickie's blades and a SZ iron replacement.
  6. With regards to swingweight, I start with the lightest possible configuration with the weights and I have extra weights to get swingweight up, if needed, we use lead tape and then when it comes to the build, we use weights and/or hot melt. As far as length, choke up on the shaft if we need to or I do carry some 5 wood length shafts in certain models.
  7. I'm speaking in relation to the TX models. The weave is more efficient, which that can be a little tricky in terms of defining "more efficient".
  8. EI Profiles are available, some with a cost invovled (S3 Fitting). The point of a fitter is not to have every shaft from every manufacturer, but to know what's out there and how it relates to YOU specifically as a golfer. It's their job to know all of the details and filter all of the possibilities into a few selections. I carry almost all of the Graphite Design shafts that are relevant in todays market, not in all flexes though. I wouldn't be surprised if you're a good guesser on feels, but I highly doubt you're as accurate as you think. I agree that not everyone is as sensitive
  9. SUMM1T

    Freeze it.

    The material is so thin, I don't see a high success rate coming from that.
  10. The weave in the AV is a little more efficient in preventing "ovaling" than the Tensei Pro line, helping it give a bit more energy transfer into the ball. It's a smoother profile over all. I play the Tensei Pro White 60TX in a G410 LST. I tried gaming the AV Raw White 65TX, but I am just too used to the TPW. I definitely think the AV Raw line is smoother and fits a wider range of players. However, I don't think the same golfer who likes the Tensei Pro line will automatically like the AV Raw line, they're made for two different golfers. I didn't get along with the Tensei Pro Blue in a fairway o
  11. It's not the OEMs responsibility to ensure every golfer is taken care of in terms of figuring out what shaft they need, as we all learn that differently. That's why fitters exist. I understand that you're a feel player, but if you took the time to look back and learn what the feel translates to in an EI Profile wise, you would start to hone in on what profile suits you. There are a good amount of great resources out there at our disposal that we can study and learn what profiles are out there, some of them are free while others aren't. I would also say, unless you're Tiger Woods o
  12. You're comparing a new line to an older line, not apples to apples there. Who knows where Ventus will go and how it will evolve. It's also IMPOSSIBLE to please everyone. While the few of you here have complained about the "difficulty" with how many shafts available in a certain line, others have complained about how the previous gen didn't perform like they wanted. It's not really that hard to keep up with Graphite Designs shaft list. They make it fairly easy to figure out what each shaft does and who it's designed for, just requires a little work on our end to take the time to read through th
  13. No way to know that without knowing data first. Driver swing and 3 wood swing don’t require the same technique in general so it’s tough to guess on fairway shaft from driver shaft.
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