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  1. I do videography/photography as a side trade. The Vessel bag is nice.
  2. They are not difficult to swing weight correctly as long as you know what you're doing. I don't think they feel heavy by any means. It will take some getting used to if you've never tried them before. I also can't speak to how anyone else will interpret the weight/feel of these shafts and if it would be something they could get used to or not, but I don't see it as being as issue and have yet to run into any issues with any builds.
  3. I built them to my swingweight. It took me a few sessions to get used to the new weight and feel, but I’m thankful for the weight change. As someone who has always preferred a lighter shaft weight but could never find the stability in lightweight steel, these are exactly what I was wanting. I played PX 6.5 before as well as Modus 125X.
  4. Straight in with the MMT. I don’t play very much and wanted something lighter/easier to swing. All of the steel I tried in the lighter weight didn’t feel great or stable. They don’t really compare to anything in all honesty. They are stable and tight but don’t feel overly stout. The 125TX felt stout to me, and sometimes a little harsh. The PX 6.5 gave me great dispersion, but I struggled to work the ball with them.
  5. I had Coobs Golf make them. They did a great job. They also made me a valuables pouch and a yardage book.
  6. I don’t use the staff bag when I play. I keep it in my studio for the most part.
  7. If I remember correctly, they are about 7 pounds. I like how much storage it has, but it’s not as light as the Ping for sure.
  8. The 1K is the best shaft I’ve ever hit. I played the TPW for a long time and this is such a good improvement on an already killer shaft. It will be in my bag with the driver at minimum. I’m considering putting it in my fairway. It feels extremely stable, yet smooth. This profile is so good.
  9. I think I found my gamer driver (at least for now). Callaway Epic Speed 9 (turned down to 7 and flat with a LH Red Dot Tour Adapter) with a Tensei Pro White 1K 60TX tipped 0.5" playing 45.25"
  10. Here are pics of the Ping White Camo and the Mizuno bag. I typically use the Ping Camo bag when I can get out. It has a stain on the bottom that I actually just cleaned off (kids will beat your gear up if you leave them near it). I also got some new toys to test out. Very excited to try both of these. I will be tipping the Ascent 1" and playing it at 46" and then the 1K Pro White I'll tip 0.5" and play it at 45.25". Not sure just quite yet what I'll be testing them in, but I am really enjoying the Srixon ZX7 driver. I do have a soft spot for the Honma TR20 440 though. I should be getting my SI
  11. I’ll post some pics of that as well. I am tempted to throw my Mizuno Staff stand bag in play though. It is such a good looking bag and has a ton of pockets.
  12. I gamed Ping Glide 3.0 until I made the switch to these. I tried the MG2s for a while but didn’t get along with them. The ZipCores are great. Probably my favorite shape in a wedge. I can’t compare them to the RTX3s, as I have never hit them.
  13. You can always hard step the 105S to get in between the flexes. I would say that don’t feel overly harsh or stiff at the 105 mark. The 125S and TX can get to be a little boardy if you’re on the line.
  14. Everyone should give them a try. It’s been my most successful shaft in the last 6 months with my golfers.
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