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  1. I am not allowed to use BST since I own a fitting shop. Sold a couple of things that weren’t my personal items.
  2. I’m so glad this page is here. As a golf fitting studio, I was unbelievably upset when I got the email about the membership costs. Not only that, they bumped up the cost of the product by 20%. It also is exclusive to the US market. I spoke with TXG and they were told it was only happening in the US. I bought roughly $12,000 worth of adapters and tools from them over the last 2 years and was never informed this was on the way. I have had a few phone calls with Anthony and he is saying he has no control over the situation and it is all above him. I will not be paying the $300/mo fee and will recycle as much as I can in my system until I find an alternative that works for me.
  3. I had to jump through hoops to get my ESTD and I’m a dealer. I was also told the raw TCBs are a Tour Only item and the standard TCB was not available. I also, can’t get the 8.5 ESTD or the ESTD LS. Not that I need to get them, but there are clubs that I have been told are not available to me. I truly appreciate the way Callaway is open about it, and I said that earlier. I also appreciate you and your response.
  4. It’s not versatile 100% of the time. A lot of pros will use the toe side of the wedge (no grooves) to hit a “dead” shot.
  5. I wouldn’t make the direct trade (Epic Speed for the Epic Speed Triple Diamond) across the board for all golfers. However, there are a number of players that are good and want a specific look/feel/performance from a driver that the OEMs “skip” past. It’s similar (only in concept, not scale) to how left handed golfers felt a few years back, and may still feel today with how certain clubs were not available to them. I don’t think Callaway should mass produce Tour heads, but I do think they should make them available to the public on a limited scale and be open/honest about the clubs. I will say it is not similar to TM from the past as they seemed to hide the fact there were tour heads and different heads available. You have done a great job of explaining the differences AND showing us that they are out there. I love how up front you specifically have been about it. However, my personal preference is that the Tour heads be available to some extent and scale for the players that are out there looking for something different than what “works for the masses”.
  6. I appreciate your honesty and reply. The fact that you take time to reply to messages here shows how much you care. While I don’t claim to know the inner workings of big time OEMs, I do know the frustration of some consumers who wish to at least have the chance to test/see the tour heads. I got my ES TD but wish I had the ability to look at a few heads. I have the 9* head but it has a bit more loft than I’d like. I’m trying everything I can to get my hands on an 8.5. Thanks again for replying. I really do appreciate it.
  7. The problem I have with that is that Callaway is releasing better equipment over the retail heads. I have the Epic Speed Triple Diamond and it’s MILES better in every way over the retail Triple Diamond. All of my testers have felt the same and the results/data show. They’ve done it with the TCB irons, which I think should be their flagship CB. They should get rid of the X Forged and offer the TCB as their main Players CB.
  8. I do videography/photography as a side trade. The Vessel bag is nice.
  9. They are not difficult to swing weight correctly as long as you know what you're doing. I don't think they feel heavy by any means. It will take some getting used to if you've never tried them before. I also can't speak to how anyone else will interpret the weight/feel of these shafts and if it would be something they could get used to or not, but I don't see it as being as issue and have yet to run into any issues with any builds.
  10. I built them to my swingweight. It took me a few sessions to get used to the new weight and feel, but I’m thankful for the weight change. As someone who has always preferred a lighter shaft weight but could never find the stability in lightweight steel, these are exactly what I was wanting. I played PX 6.5 before as well as Modus 125X.
  11. Straight in with the MMT. I don’t play very much and wanted something lighter/easier to swing. All of the steel I tried in the lighter weight didn’t feel great or stable. They don’t really compare to anything in all honesty. They are stable and tight but don’t feel overly stout. The 125TX felt stout to me, and sometimes a little harsh. The PX 6.5 gave me great dispersion, but I struggled to work the ball with them.
  12. I had Coobs Golf make them. They did a great job. They also made me a valuables pouch and a yardage book.
  13. I don’t use the staff bag when I play. I keep it in my studio for the most part.
  14. If I remember correctly, they are about 7 pounds. I like how much storage it has, but it’s not as light as the Ping for sure.
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