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  1. Not sure why they showed up as attachments instead of inline. ill try to fix it. in the meantime you can click the attachments at the bottom of the listing as well
  2. Morning Leftys! I have a great condition Scotty phantom x7. It’s about a year old. In great shape except for a little chatter on the corners. I lost the head cover and it took about 3 weeks for a new one to get here. 35”, stock loft/lie/pistolero grip. Great feel but I have been going back and forth with blades and I’m sticking with that. Sweet feel on this putter. My pics make it look worse condition than it is $275 shipped and paypal’d in the ConUs. The Apex 2h and 3h are sold ($100) Not really looking for trades except for possibly:
  3. Hey Everyone As a year-round PacNW Golfer, rain gear is a must and always looking for the best stuff. I have not found much better than my Arc’Teryx but they just don’t have the stretch and fit for golf for the most part. I did a lot of research and had it down to Kjus and Zero Restriction but both are hard to find for me locally for sizing and real reviews of the Kjus are hard to find in the US. I like light gear so I can wear it year round, and layer when needed. I have a FJ hydrolite, and I love my FJ rain pants with the adjustable hem and snaps. On the last day o
  4. I have a set of less than a year old Apex 19s. It is a 5-PW and AW. Project X LZ 6.0 120g Shafts and Golf Pride CP2 Blue with +2 wrap on the lower. These play about .5 inch longer than standard. Standard loft/lie. They are in excellent shape and I just gave them a nice clean. Best price I could find was "VG" set with TT 95 @ CPO for 840. 2nd swing and others were higher. $700 shipped and paypal'd in the Conus. I have a great condition Scotty phantom x7. It’s about a year old. In great shape except for a little chatter on the corners. I lost the head cover an
  5. Hey all Selling some of my golf clothing prices are shipped and paypal’d in the conus. First is a like new footjoy dryjoys rain jacket with the zip off sleeves. Model 23800 and Size Large. No course branding. Bought it 6 months ago in a rainstorm but doesn’t quite fit. 190 new. Asking $125 (sold locally) Second is an Antigua half sleeve, 1/4 zip rain and wind shirt. Size Large. It’s pretty heavy weight, and I just don’t find the need for it enough. Worked great at Bandon when I got it. Wore it for one trip there. Asking $50 (SOLD) Last is a Tasso
  6. Hey Everyone Looking to move my Mavrik Sub Zero with Accra 162i M4 Shaft. It is M4 (Stiff) and cut down about 1", playing right about 44.5. The head is in overall good shape. It's got one scrap on the corner of a crown due to a bad hit. on a worse course, with even worse range balls. Other than that is in great shape. Comes with Headcover. CP2 Pro Red Grip. $225 Shipped and Paypal'd in the CONUS
  7. Selling my Voice Caddie SL1 Range Finder. This is a great piece of tech. It has a screen on the front that gives front/middle/back and also shows green undulation on many courses (check website for a course list and full specs). It has a pin vibrate mode, and it is GPS assisted for more accurate reading. It also shows back and front in the viewfinder when shooting flags. This is a great unit that can be used as a laser with or without slope and also without the GPS on, to save battery life. You will get 2-4 rounds with GPS on, and many, many rounds with it off. Comes with eve
  8. This is a near new putter. Rolled on the carpet a few times and games for 2 half rounds. Great putter, beautiful sound and grip, but I am going stick with my Scotty 35” Length $300 shipped and paypal’d in the conus.
  9. This article was completely silly IMHO. Too an earlier posters point, nearly all balls have a form of alignment aid. I rarely line up my putts with it personally. The exception is usually on a severe breaking put, I use it to aim closer to the apex. I have also done it when I have a 3-5 footer, because I can get the yips bad on those in tournament/competitive play. That said, it never slows me down. My ball is marked, I am reading my putt as the others are playing and I have my target line picked out and ball ready to place before walking up to replace my mark. The bigger issue is defin
  10. Everything I am hearing is that all the local clubs are doing well, some at capacity. They have been raking in guest fees too. I would not expect any deals anytime soon. I know some (my home course is Arrowhead) offer some nice winter promo's so you may want to look into that if you are looking for a deal.
  11. I played Quail for the first time this week. Actually played one of my best rounds this year... not bad for first time on a course. It definitely felt short with how dry the course was. Even the rough was super fast. Greens were on the slow side, but in great shape. There were a couple tough hole placements due to it sitting on a little ridge or peak that caught us up too. I would definitely play it again.
  12. Too much lol... Apex 19 Irons with PX LZ 6.0 (incoming still) Mavrik SZ Driver Head 50 Degree Jaws Wedge Apex 19 Hybrids Luckily we never got shut down at the clubs in Oregon (though the tee sheets got really full) so have been playing quite a bit.
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