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  1. s 1. Handicap +1.3 2. Right or left hand golfer right 3. Current wedges and setup? my hi toe raw 50,54,60 4. Why do you want to be fit for TaylorMade MG3 wedges? Always have loved Taylormade wedges something about the grind has just worked for me since the TP rac’s but would love to get an experts eye on a set 5. Are you available to be on site 8/30/2021 through 9/1/2021 already off work that week 6. Will you be able to provide your own transportation to and from Reynolds Lake and East Lake Golf Club. Yes only 2 hours away 7. Are you willing to post high quality photos in the forum, write an in depth review of the experience, and possibly be featured. Yes with hi res shanks for your enjoyment!
  2. Vokey makes a v grind usually available on the wedge works website I had the sm7 version a couple years ago
  3. All prices are shipped and paypaled in Continental U.S. 1 . TBC mallet Ghostbusters new 100$ 2 . TBC Mallet Cinco de Mayo new 100$ 3. Toulon Garage Headcover new 60$Sold 4. Bridgestone Masters headcovers set old but never actually used 80$ 5. Forewe Driver custom headcover new 55$ 6. Rocket your skinny stick used 35$Sold 7. Callaway master pro hybrid cover new 35$
  4. My Aussie Lo ... he is a bit of a .. well if you have had an Aussie you can finish that sentence easily
  5. I purchased a set of Wilson staff button back remakes in mint condition and want to reshaft them any one know what the shaft diameter for them is .370 or .355? Any help would be great
  6. Everything is priced shipped lower 48 , anywhere else we can figure it out 1. Old Macdonald Driver and fairway Am&e , they have been on clubs but never outside 80$ for the pair or 45$ eachSOLD 2. Pacific dunes Am&e magnetic cover used very little 45$ SOLD 3.Titleist Australia headcover real leather only ever seen one other of these never been used outside 100$SOLD 4. Stitch headcover set driver and 2 fairways have been on a club but never outside $ 75For the set or 30$ Each SOLD 5. Odyssey pro type weight kit ( wrench , 2/ 10 gram weights , 2 /20 gram weights 45 6. Tennessee golf association Sunfish hybrid headcover used sparingly $25
  7. Titleist 620cb 4-pw standard LLL px 6.0 Lz 695$ shipped lower 48Sold Titleist 718 Tmb 4 iron px 6.0 lz standard LLL 75$ shipped lower 48 sold Taylor made L.I.F.T 2 iron 3 iron length all standard LL 85$ shipped lower 48 sold Stitch Pom Pom driver and 2 fairways 30$each or 75$ for the set shipped lower sold Stitch Arnold Palmer blade headcover 50$ shipped lower 48. Sold
  8. Is no one going to mention the twoball number 10 ? That in a triple track is all I want !
  9. 1 . Yes flexible schedule 100% can go 2 . Callaway epic flash Hzrdus yellow 75, 6.0 3 . Haven’t played a Taylormade since the r11 which was in the bag for 5 years , switched to Callaway and want to know if can compete with my Epic flash! 4 . Would love to document this trip , have been a member since 07 and general just read on the forum would love to have something meaningful to contribute
  10. I was thinking what my bag would be if it was made of the clubs that lasted the longest in my bag so here we go or ho or .. you get it Driver Taylormade R11 vts silver shaft 3wd Mizuno tzoid proffrce shaft 3 hybrid Taylormad tour issue tp “peanut” tour ad ut 4-pw Titleist 690 mb dg x100 50,54, 58 Taylormade xft dg x100 Rife Aussie IBf
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