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  1. GP Tour Velvet Cord. There is a reason these are the most used grips on tour.
  2. emicek

    Phantom 5 vs. 11

    I just picked up a 11.5. Thought the 5.5 would fit my stroke better, but wasn't the case. I was surprised how compact the 11.5 was as the pictures online make it look huge.
  3. Taylormade P760, 34* 175 Carry, TI X100 Think the shaft matters more for tempo than SS, flex obviously SS
  4. I flew out to San Diego for the day and did the fitting in their studio. I personally don't think it's worth it. I've had multiple putter fittings and I don't think their method was particularly special. Also, I didn't putt any better w/ their recommendation. However, if you do the fitting, you are able to custom order a Circle T to your specs. The one the guy showed me was c$2k, but they go up from there. I just bought a Directed Force 2.1. I probably would recommend that over anything, but I suck at putting.
  5. Fit for 34.5 and 70 degree lie angle. Is it worth paying the extra or is the stock 35/69 close enough?
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