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  1. This thing made me feel 10 feet tall.
  2. The Cobra F9 Tour delivers that recipe for me. It is a compact profile that is easy to flight down. Haven't hit the SZ, but would imagine it to be very similar.
  3. In a post below, answer the following: How can AI Coach help you? I would love to have access to a consistent improvement plan, but do not live in an area with close proximity to this resource.Do you take lessons currently with an instructor? NoDo you use YouTube or another form of online golf instruction?› YesDo you use GPS during golf? Typically no, but can...Are you interested in Golf Fitness? YesWhat are your reservations about online golf instruction? I am the type of person who typically prefers face to face with people as opposed the alternative. The AI concept is intriguing as well.Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and high quality photos or screenshots? Yup
  4. Drivers since the invention of the changeable heads. I will swap driver heads at the drop of a hat. I have had 2 putters in the last 10 years but have had every Cobra head and a few of the TM.
  5. I would consider the F6 baffler to marry up with the 7 wood.
  6. I have enjoyed the F9 tour for occasions of driver quarantine.
  7. He would have 12 TM, nasty Cameron Putter, and an amazing throwback 3 wood or driving iron.
  8. Bio Cell Plus if you can stand the sound or you also play softball. LTD if you are everyone else.
  9. I settled into the Cobra Baffler Utility for that slot. I was struggling with the footprint of the modern 5 wood, the 4 wood going too far, driving irons lacking consistent carry distance and hybrids going too far left. The baffler covered them all and is a workable weapon for me.
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