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  1. Don't use GC Quad myself but the column sidespin shows mainly ''R'' where with an IO path I would expect to read ''L'' for a draw. If you look for a steeper landing angle my hunch is that your face angle could be more open to the path and the target. Before starting with swing changes checking alignment may be of help. (If you change your grip, stance or set up, the relation to ball position may also change). Initial horizontal launch and tilt axis may be the prior data to be analyzed. Then address the issue of dynamic loft and impact position. If it is a swing issue ad
  2. Good swing. Reminds of Faldo. I estimate it around 105 mph chs. With 172 bs and a 1.5 sf the chs would be around 114.6 mph chs. Eyeballing all this could be off | which is my bad.
  3. I go with the pro in a mild way: make sure the ball has a tendency and know it. Straight is the one I avoid for longer shots. --OT-- I learned to play with balatas. Shaping shots was far more fun and easier than with the modern ball imho.
  4. Tested it on the bench: at 45'' 265cpm looked on the loose side (measured only butt flex; did not have a tip clamp to estimate teh ratio) Today i simply hit som shots in the net (no lm) Now that was a grand suprise: it feels super stable AND soft. Will test indoor tomorrow with lm. --
  5. OP could try a nunchuk shaft with a 400 cc head. JDM heads have flatter lies in general. Per 10 gram weight I reckon 1-1.5 mph chs gain/loss. This may differ per player. For consistency, measure MOI of the club. Btw not too long ago Garcia played a px in his 3wood.
  6. Weren't the raw MB2's labeled as 'the poor man's Miura'? '
  7. Direct from a MRC distributor. 6s came in this week. Due to injury no time to test yet.
  8. The big palet of shots covering of the shortgame is what I enjoy most. For me learning new methods and techniques are the keys to mastery. The chipping vs pitching discussion is a vague distinction at best imo. When it comes to short shots around the green under normal circumstances I tend to choose between two types of release: high launch low spin or low launch high spin. Then match the shot to club needed.
  9. Have an #7 MMT 80g r shaft in stock. It is strong; and very steady. Not a soft feel. The tip stands out imho. I was so excited that I ordered a 60 gram X wood shaft for my self which is on back order. Though I do fit in the lower end of the recommended chs range, i wonder/hope/pray that the weight-stiffness ratio is a good match for me. If a shaft is too light and stiff I tend to dislike it. Delivery mid february.
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