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  1. After reading this thread I realized I don't believe I've ever had the slightest inkling to look at the legs of my bag. I do hope everyone here gets the help he/she needs, with the bag legs and any other potential issues that may spring up.
  2. Hope you recover soon, I just had to point out that seeing this in the Instruction made me chuckle for a second.
  3. 1. Atlanta, GA 2. 2 3. Range, short game area at my club 4. Yes, I have a Mevo 5. Yes 6. Yes
  4. No I haven’t been around any of the people on that list just stunned to see his name on that list at all, let alone so high. Pretty well played career.
  5. Chummy with someone who very publicly uses overtly disparaging nicknames for others. Gets offended when people use a nickname for him.
  6. Ultimately, yea it was definitely more successful. Cantlay seemed more nervy, though. It looked like he was leaving everything short until the last putt.
  7. Agreed his putting stroke looks absolutely awful, no artistic appeal at all. He's actually a fantastic putter, though. Consistently top 20 SG putting, even this year where he hasn't been as sharp. Take yesterday when he missed several putts to win they all looked like he hit his intended lines.
  8. The 1952 Hickory Huskers wore shorts that might fit the bill
  9. 1. 2 2. Right 3. Cleveland ZipCore S400 TI 46-49-53-60 4. I’ve played tons of TM clubs in the past but never really dug the wedges, these look absolutely awesome and I’d love to test them out 5. Yes 6. Yes I live in Atlanta 7. Yes absolutely
  10. Personally, I wouldn't want to take money from, or give money to, a HS kid.
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