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  1. Wow I've seen people dress like him and use the same equipment, but getting the same surgery is next level. Obviously I jest. Glad you're doing better and I hope the shithead who hit you got hurt worse and ended up in jail.
  2. Looks like solvent or oil or something. I assume you’ve tried wiping it.
  3. I’d be too worried about dysentery or my oxen drowning to play golf
  4. No, but Tiger should that'd be cool
  5. As with most things Bryson, I suspect people talking about him and his plans would be considered mission accomplished.
  6. Does it need to be dignified with discussion at all?
  7. Serious question: do Miuras get faked a lot? Seems like too niche of a brand to be worth counterfeiting.
  8. I have the secret and I’m not going to help you. You, sir, can suffer at your Maui muni in February.
  9. What day were you there?
  10. I was there for a fitting a few days ago myself. Pretty top notch fitting experience, lots of information, tons of different options, no pressure to buy.
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