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  1. Isn’t his father in law one of the owners or investors or something?
  2. Ditto, I’d hate to look like he does while putting but he rolls it exactly where he’s looking every time
  3. @2bGood is right, leather is easier to keep white. For white sneaker type shoes try reshoevenator or some other cleaner
  4. That’s too long to read but I’m glad you got something out of that game. God what a disappointment.
  5. Eh I dunno, if bryson is fixated on building his brand so publicly like he is he should expect some criticism.
  6. I’m highly positive that bryson was teased quite a bit while growing up
  7. Definitely one of the more roundabout should I play blades threads I can remember.
  8. Put it in the context of any other sport. Would it be more impressive to see a 17 year old or a 59 year old throw a perfect game in the bigs, or throw for 400 yards in the super bowl?
  9. Can you hit it where you’re looking? That’s all that matters
  10. I like when people get together and say to themselves "what more can we do for these golfers?"
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