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  1. The only thing I loathe is seeing people judge other people's choices in life, but especially something as trivial as the types of equipment one uses to play a game.
  2. Why wouldn’t adapters come abraded from the factory?
  3. It was just a question. I wasn't saying anything other than you seem quite passionate about this so I was wondering if you had a personal stake, that is all. I think MSE is a joke and anyone handing money over to him should be aware of everything you describe. I applaud the idea of standing up for people to whom bad things happen, but to me personally I wouldn't characterize this situation as a "bad thing". As I said, I agree with everything you have said notwithstanding your use of quotation marks.
  4. Jack looks a little too young there to be a recent pic but could just be the angle. OP: I agree with everything you've said thus far, but you seem to be pretty well consumed by this. Did MSE wrong you or disparage you somehow?
  5. Hey, certain things have an impact what can I say?
  6. I was thinking about this post today. Still funny.
  7. The player or the brand? I teach high school and there are few things more relevant to my students than retro Jordans. Now how many of them actually know anything about the player, that could be a far lower number.
  8. Good review, the club head not being able to catch up on wedge shots is a new one. Well played
  9. Some bad reading comprehension in this thread
  10. Not a Bryson fan at all, but the answer is Bryson. Sadly, tiger may only be interesting for two days.
  11. Haven’t watched MSE in several years because of what you describe, OP. I’ll say this, though: if he wants to be taken seriously as an instructor it makes perfect sense that he not accept a competitive playing challenge. Rarely do you see high level coaches hit a shot on the golf course, let alone play a competitive round.
  12. Vegetarian/vegan only menu in the clubhouse grille.
  13. I’m sure you’re a super nice guy but this sounds like a “that guy” at the range situation, which often has the complete opposite of the desired effect.
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