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  1. OP went to the finest of institutions.
  2. Currently play PXG irons and 5 wood. I've only gone through the store nearby which has some excellent fitters. The fittings and builds have been precise and without error. Haven't had to go through their customer service at all, which is lucky for me on two levels it seems.
  3. When you hit into a group, no matter what the circumstance, you have absolutely no right to be the perturbed party.
  4. Inner Game of Tennis - book The Sweet Spot - podcast
  5. I dunno I get that tough guy that’s never actually been in a fight vibe from brooksy
  6. Time for the call to Stevie. Harry is a nice guy and all but Stevie would’ve made sure that guy drew black a bloody stump if he made a move for a club.
  7. Looking for a higher lofted driver, can be head only.
  8. Isn’t his father in law one of the owners or investors or something?
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