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  1. Thanks to WRX and Club Champion, what an amazing experience! I have no idea how this happened so quickly, but I've already had the fitting and received the putter. I'll be updating this post when I finish writing everything up.
  2. For some reason I read this thread title and immediately wonder what 10 year old me would’ve thought upon reading that sentence.
  3. toc

    Is it just me?

    Nah probably a time zone or international dateline kind of thing
  4. Wonder why they’re advertising a fairly well known, and not new, feature of the site….on the site…
  5. toc

    PXG sucks

    Total poser tip off there. If they don’t ask to play fir big money, they don’t have the game to compete.
  6. toc

    PXG sucks

    You heard it here first folks: PXG has started an all out turf war with Top Flite
  7. Unless the chutter is full. Obviously, the classy route for a gimmicky bag is as many Bobby Jones Jesse Ortiz clubs as they made.
  8. Surprised to see so many positive reviews. This was the most disappointing game I’ve ever played. A re-release of the golf club with an updated name and nothing more. Considering what 2k does with their basketball game I was expecting a lot more.
  9. Probably exclamation points. They make regular sentences much more exciting.
  10. 1. Yes 2. Looks like a more friendly phone interface than previous monitors I’ve used, also it seems like this could do a better job picking up my sons shots. 3. Yes a mevo
  11. The fitting fee stinks and the shipping fees really stink, BUT if you have a PXG store nearby I highly recommend the experience as they can get around the shipping cost (and expedite orders) and, from what I hear, the fitting fee too sometimes.
  12. Subjective, any fitting is 100% dependent on the fitter him/herself. Location, while not irrelevant, is of minor importance.
  13. Odd for DD. I've ordered from them more times than I can remember and while occasionally the notification emails can be delayed, I've never had a problem with them. The one instance where a manufacturer screwed up the order DD was super helpful in getting it straightened out.
  14. 1. Buford, GA 2. Either, two most important clubs in the bag so I could always benefit from help with either 3. Yes 4. Seeing what new technology and a virtually limitless shaft selection can do for my game would definitely improve my scores.
  15. This is thought provoking. What is a golf company expected to do in order to act like one? I mean this purely rhetorically as it's interesting to think about what, if any, are the obligations of a sporting goods manufacturer.
  16. Berkeley is by far the easiest to get to from the options listed above and a great course. I live way north OTP so clubs in my area are too far for you, but welcome to the area.
  17. While not mentioned on the list, PXG 0341 gets my vote. Not the best sounding, best feeling, or best looking fairway wood but by FAR the straightest I have ever hit.
  18. I’d love golf pride to have grips to sell
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