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  1. People get callouses from Golf? How many rounds are you playing every day?
  2. In general, no, but like many of us I used to “feel gutted by a bad round”. As of late, nothing seems to phase MY self esteem especially after reviewing the happenings of the United States and it’s politicians this past year. Pretty certain they’ve lost any semblance of self esteem long ago. Hahaha
  3. This chart sums it all up. 10 yards from a fairway. Even then, I’ve bladed my wedges. So, no distance is safe? I hit 6-10 greens on average.
  4. Most of us aren’t really accurate enough to aim for the pins, so it’s only logical to aim for centre.
  5. Not a bad idea. Not hundreds, but at least 20 or so shots then a few each through the bag. That works best for me.
  6. Consecutive is easier than on course.
  7. The giving up at the first sign of trouble might be part of the problem? Many of us do that, try to play shot by shot. Not hole by hole? Give your brain a rest. Just play.
  8. I’m surprised very few responses indicated that all rounds should be played by the rules. Doesn’t matter, golf is golf played by rules.
  9. Hmm, seems like you might want to spend less time prior to all your tee shots? You might be giving yourself too much time to think about the pitfalls of a missed tee shot rather than simply making a best guess scenario with less thought, if that makes sense?
  10. Doesn’t look too bad? I’d expect more birdies? Are the doubles caused by errant tee shots? How far do you drive the ball? Most competitive scratch hit very far?
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