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  1. My son has had the same issue for many years, but made a breakthrough this past year. He’s gotten fitted by one who works with higher swing speed players, worked on his sequencing a bit, his positioning and was finally able to hit straight shots with his driver. Too soon to see how well this will continue, but he was quite happy finally shooting his first 68 round. Got to his head because next round was 79 Hahaha.
  2. The video is quite instructional. I always enjoy TXG when I do watch. The only thing I have to add regards “Ball Flight Laws”. Every person is a bit different. If you understand your club path well enough, any type of shot should be possible, and towards that end, it’s better to insure a repeatable path then adjust accordingly. I can somewhat shape the curvature of my shots pretty repeatably, but the flight is not perfect just like my normal shots. How much draw/hook and fade/slice is not easy to calibrate. Fortunately, I have never really found myself needing to curve
  3. Ah, right. Makes sense. Found myself 5 putting one hole when finally permitted to play after quarantine. Completely lost any semblance of “feel” around the greens. Lol. Fortunately, only took 5 rounds to get back to my usual horribly inconsistent game.
  4. We carry roughly the same 260 yard distance with driver. I have a 9.5 degree driver. Serves me well.
  5. Quite honestly, your swing speed likely warrants a stiffer shaft and lower loft?
  6. These are not average distances, they are more typical of a single digit player? 6-7 strokes worse from an additional 500 yards is very strange? Are there many obstacles for you at those distances?
  7. Just let him know the truth. That you would appreciate some time to yourself to vent a bit. If it helps, I’m a 7 and shot 96-98 a couple rounds when we first returned from quarantine. For some reason, I’d completely forgotten how to putt. Haha, it happens.
  8. As a hacker around the greens, I don’t really have much to contribute to a solution. I’m simply interested in seeing the responses. That said, one of my occasional partners shoots mid 60s quite often. He’s a “ProAm” and averages about 270 yards off the tee like me, but his direction is nearly flawless. His approaches are better than mine, and is generally well within 50 feet of the pin at a very favourable location. Around the green is where he absolutely shines brightest. From up to 50 feet he is genius. He’s spend 3 times more on his putter than driver. 20 feet is no
  9. A bit of perspective from a fellow club member “Playing bad beats having tubes shoved up your nose”, needlessly stated, he enjoys playing no matter how badly he plays. Although I can still hold my own on the course, that thought before the first tee makes my round much more pleasant.
  10. Believe it or not, same stats hold true for most of us. Greens and getting close to the greens are both critical. As you get better, track short games statistics. Finally putting. I would qualify this with what affliction makes the player a 20HC?
  11. RoyalMustang is choosing between 70% or so versus 80% to 90%. Richie appears to be stating that a bit more spin can mostly be beneficial. If I had to guess, there’s a point where you back off to “third gear” whilst not losing significant spin? Perhaps, you would need to trade off depending upon the circumstances.
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