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  1. If you're used to the S300, the 5.5 will likely be too whippy.
  2. 275 average with reasonable roll. 130 PW to pin or center of the green. My distances are okay, my direction? Hahaha!
  3. This likely is what happened here in LA, but unfortunate that the orgies happened preemptively.
  4. At some point, this will be everybody's concern. Lol
  5. Prior to taking the attitude that "it's only a game", the worst feeling was pondering too much time spent at something I was never going to be that great at doing. After this realisation, my attitude to the game improved and I enjoyed it more.
  6. Of course. You need to ascertain the fitter’s competency yourself. Be polite, though. You roughly know how far you’d hit a ball. Be truthful to yourself and the fitter, and start from there. If you tell them you carry 350 yards, you might end up with a 6 degree extra stiff. It seems like the best fitters should start flexible and high loft then work their way through lower lofts and stiffer shafts with differing kick points? Most players err on the side of wanting something more suited to faster swinging players?
  7. According to some, the 51st state of the American Empire! Hehe...
  8. Apparently not according to Johnson and folks. Hahaha!
  9. The desire to exaggerate a tad or to put down your highest average prevails in most or all of us. It’s part of our nature. If you subtract 10 yards from everything, that might be more accurate for the average player here. Not as bad as many seem to think WRXers would embellish. There’s really no need to lie to internet folks, and I don’t see that. Distance is quite important, but scoring is yet another and different skill one needs to possess to play really well. Some of us might never have both? If you get to 330 yards and have really great wedge play, your cha
  10. Play half your rounds in the afternoon. That would make for a completely different game between mornings and afternoons.
  11. I entered 260-280 even though I’m around 275 as a 7 handicap. There’s a big difference between me and a 260yard hitting 12 LOL! Better golfers don’t tend to top out as often, so their averages are higher. So, average makes sense for amateurs.
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