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  1. Here's my Corey Conners story: I was a hole marshal at the 2017 Web.com tour event at the then TPC Wakefield Plantation in Raleigh. On the Wed Pro-Am I was stationed at Hole 10 and one of my main jobs was to make sure the pro signed 4 copies of the pictures that were taken of his group at the first tee so all participants could have an autographed memento of their day. Every pro cooperated nicely but some stuck out. Jonathon Byrd was very friendly and chatty and I had a nice conversation with Brad Fritsch who I knew lived outside of Ottawa which was about an hour from our former
  2. I suppose I could let you borrow my cheerleader...being a fellow "L"!
  3. Masters Picks to Click: Justin Thomas -4 Webb Simpson +2 Jordan Spieth -5 I've got help rooting on my guys this week-end...
  4. I only remember the movie because Sienna Miller was spectacular! I cannot recall any "braces" discussion though... I do concur the look on Mr. Lyle is horrendous.
  5. Add one more to that list. I hit the Masters lottery for 2016 tickets winning 4 Wed practice round tix. Sold one which basically paid for our trip. Myself, Mrs. NCLancer, and my cousin drove a few hours down to Columbia, SC and stayed the night. Left from there around 7AM, got to Augusta around 8 and waited in line for the gates to open. Spent the whole day at the course and in the later afternoon saw a bit of the Par 3 contest. It may sound stupid but it was one of the best days ever... Els the next day 6-putted the first. I guess he should not have listened to my adv
  6. Has any our fine group of misfits visited Augusta Nat'l for either the tourney or a practice round? Or (gulp) actually played the course??? Any stories you can share?
  7. My bonus picks are 2 guys I find difficult to root for therefore did not make my squad even though they are talented players: P. Reed B. DeChambeau
  8. Masters Picks to Click: 1. Justin Thomas 2. Webb Simpson 3. Jordan Spieth I need points to begin my climb to the top! Nowhere to go but up!
  9. Easter Sunday Twilight round recap! My wife and I walked 18 (with push cart). 5.4 miles. $22 after 3PM. Played a mix of tees so total about 5600 yards. 46-41 = 87 6 pars and curled in a 20 foot birdie putt on 18 as the sun set. Victory cold Mt. Dew in the parking lot. Livin' large in the OC!
  10. Valero results: -1 pt Ancer T23 +1 pt Griffin T34 +1 pt Vegas MC -3 pt Sorry I did not get the chance to post this earlier.
  11. March golf in the North Country is just "knock the rust off" golf...it's nice to be able to swing a club outside and watch a ball fly. Putting isn't at a premium yet as green conditions (as you noted) will still be pretty iffy. I'm just glad they are able to play as I recall some of my first rounds being in late April...wet wet April when balls plug in the fairway!!!
  12. Spoke with my cousin last night and actually they played Tues and Wed...walking only! His course had the pins in but no mowers had been out yet. He's a member so plays free but for a low price of $15 all you can play just put your cash or check thru the drop-box slot on the front door of the pro-shop. No brothers, just a younger sister who is a Florida snowbird...
  13. I appreciate the Lexus but it is rather large for just myself and Mrs. NCLancer...is it okay if we go with this sharp Volvo XC60?
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