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  1. NY Giants -5 1/2 Loss Las Vegas -3 REPLACED BY New Orleans -6 Win Cle/Jax under 48 1/2 Loss 1-2 for the week. I cannot fathom how difficult it is to just pick 3 winners...
  2. I hate to be "late switch guy" but I'm switching out my Las Vegas pick for : New Orleans -6 I believe Denver will be starting Kendall Hinton at QB. He's' a local kid who went to Southern HS in Durham, NC. Highly recruited he went to Wake Forest and started his first few seasons but then switched to WR. Expect a lot of RPO's and not much passing.
  3. If the illusion is realLet them give you a rideIf they got thunder appealLet them be on your sideLet them leave you up in the airLet them brush your rock and roll hairLet the good times roll NY Giants -5 1/2 Las Vegas -3 Cle/Jax under 48 1/2
  4. We all have our own swings and what works for me may not work for you...people all mean well with their reviews but you should take them with a grain of salt. Get out and hit some clubs and you might be surprised with what works for you. Hopefully you CPO purchase works out!
  5. It's not what you putt with but rather how you putt but if you aren't happy with what you putt with you probably will not putt well...does that make any sense???
  6. Detroit +1 1/2 NO (not even close) Pittsburgh -10 WIN Miami/Denver under 45 WIN 2-1 Lions shoutout for the first time since 10/18/09. Of all the days to pick them...
  7. We may lose, and we may winThough we will never be here againSo open up, I'm climbin' inSo take it easy Detroit +1 1/2 Pittsburgh -10 Miami/Denver under 45
  8. I'll go with Lydia Ko and Amy Olson. Looking forward to seeing some nice warm Florida sunshine!
  9. @GolfNuts4 Very sorry to read of your tough loss. Time will heal and the good memories will always be there. I'm sure he's in a better place and his pain is gone...
  10. NCLancer -32 Mrs. Lancer -24 Thanks Commish...this was fun. @CHuntsman: Congrats! I had him at -42...
  11. It will be a close finish tomorrow...tension is high in our household! In our friends and family NFL pool (straight up, no spread) she is ahead of me 90-84. She follows sports and has her own systems...
  12. NC Lancers: Thomas -10 Reed -9 McIlroy -8 Total: -27 Mrs: Rahm -9 Fleetwood -8 Cantlay -7 Total: -24
  13. Sorry, I thought this was a Bryson thread... Seriously OP you've probably got a few more chances this year to beat your PB 75...you can do it!
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