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  1. Posted yesterday at 11:56 AM Atl -1 WIN Phil -3 1/2 LOSS LA CH -2 1/2 LOSS 1-2 on Sunday combined with a 1-2 Thursday! Look out below.....
  2. Thanks! Listened to the game on SiriusXM. It was a nice victory over a great team. Duke's will jump to #1 in some polls (for all that means)...The ACC season will be difficult as everybody will be gunning for them (as usual). It's a long way from March Madness!!
  3. Atl -1 Phil -3 1/2 LA CH -2 1/2 I have little faith in any of these.
  4. We all see it...we all see it... "blllluuuuuue"
  5. Question: Have you ever singed a glove? Not signed but singed, you know, burnt, charred, seared, etc....
  6. Touch, Fantastic write-up and congrats on a well-deserved 76! Thanks for the pics also. I feel like I've been to Tryon based on all the photos you've posted! Lovin' it!!
  7. You might not have taken my advice about scoring but you sure did follow my layering suggestion!! Enjoy your day and thank you for the pics. Happy Thanksgiving to all. Go Habs (it's not our year, 5-14-2)
  8. Thanksgiving Day Picks: Chi/Det under 42 Dallas -7 Buff/NO over 46 1/2
  9. San Fran -5 1/2 winner Carolina -3 loser NYG/Tampa Under 50 1/2 PTP double winner 3-1 for the week. 25-15 overall Love the Turkey Day Triple Play!
  10. Safe travels, layer up, and have fun...don't focus on your overall score and enjoy the small steps you take to get there!
  11. Lexi? Before she was 20... 2014 $946, 764 2013 $1,206,109 2012 $611,021 DOB: 2/10/1995
  12. San Fran -5 1/2 Carolina -3 NYG/Tampa Under 50 1/2 PTP
  13. Let me check the couch cushions for an extra 2 grand...nope it ain't happening this season!! Coach K will have to retire without us there to dap him up!! He only lives about 10 miles down the road from us so if I see him in his driveway or doing yardwork I'll stop and say hey...
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