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  1. She would be my favorite Foot Locker employee of all time...
  2. AmEx Picks: C. Conners T. Gooch A. Svensson Bench: S. Scheffler L. List
  3. Annie Agar @AnnieAgar · 20h Kind of want to start that show Yellowstone, but if I wanted to watch a bunch of cowboys get knocked out, I’d just watch the playoff
  4. Fantastic finish by Matsuyama in the playoff...what an "epic" (I know, it was a Srixon) 3 wood to 3 feet!! My guys: Conners 11th 2pts Leishman T36 1pt Im MC -3 pts Total: 0 pts
  5. Plattsburgh, NY this morning: -5˚ Clear. Feels Like: -23˚Low: -9˚High: 5˚ Clear throughout the day Monday's forecast is for 10 -15 inches of the white stuff as it is expected to snow all day with temps being in the mid-20's. I'm very happy to be in NC!
  6. Thought y'all might like a pic taken this afternoon. On our daily walk Mrs. NCL and myself drop Ivy off at the farm she was born on and we continue to the end of our dead-end road then we pick her up on the way back. It's approx .7 miles one way so it's not really taxing but still good to get out. Nearest to the camera I present Ivy's mom Bella, our girl Ivy, her brother Ghost, and sister Wiilow. I'm playing the part of dog-trainer.
  7. WEEK 1 PLAYOFFS: Cincy -6 Buff -4 PT Phi +8 1/2 Dal -3 PT Pit/KC over 46 1/2 AZ/LAR under 50
  8. We are in the northern part of the Triangle, closer to the VA border so we might be seeing 2-4 inches on Sunday afternoon. Not too worried but the media is hyping up the "event" per usual.
  9. Sony Picks: M. Leishman S. Im C. Conners Covid back-up: K. Na .
  10. LP, I've decided to keep the FJ Premiers. Our local Play It Again Sports accepts shoes so maybe I can flip them for an Adams driver or a few Warrior hybrids...
  11. My Final Four: AFC: Kansas City, Cincinnati NFC: Dallas, Green Bay
  12. LP, Thanks for the fantastic write-up and the thoughtful pics. The shoes, however, aren't quite my style as they are a bit too fancy for the courses we frequent. Is there a chance of exchanging for something like these? 1 pr each of White/Duke Blue, Navy, and Black (as shown). 10 1/2 Med.
  13. No pick from me...I'm sitting it out in protest. Why not just have the SEC become the only NCAA super-conference?
  14. #18 at Umstead Pines in Durham, NC. The course is neither famous nor fancy but it's a fun round of golf and I probably play there 10 times a year. Usually about 150 over water and I rarely ever even hit the green so to get one in would be quite a thrill...and my 1st HIO.
  15. Thank you for your response and sorry for your loss? I missed the memo on the Sat games...my bad!
  16. Quick Question: Is this KC/Den considered Prime Time? I see some of the picks are in bold.
  17. This here little contest doesn't pay for Round 1 finishes. Let's see what's what on Sunday night!!!! (but we actually don't pay for Round 4 finishes either...we just play for pride and bragging rights)
  18. My first 44 years were spent just south of the Canadian border in Northern New York...I've walked those steps behind a snowblower quite a few times in my adult years and behind a shovel when I was a youngin'...(not sure why my Dad never bought a snowblower but that's a story for another time). It's such a fantastic accomplishment when you finally finish: the banks are high and the driveway is passable. I'm somewhat jealous of you as I perversely miss those days/evenings at certain times...then I wake up!
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