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  1. I have not, but both Barney Adams and Tom Wishon have commented that puring and spline aligning provide no benefit.
  2. I just switched from G25 to 0211 this year. I still have the Pings for comparison. My G25 had Nippon NS Pro 950GH stiff shafts and the 0211 have the Elevate 95 (non-Tour) in stiff. The Pings have a wider sole. Generally speaking, they are easier to hit (e.g. poor strike or crappy lie). But they are less accurate for me than the 0211. The 0211 are more precise and feel much better. Both are great clubs. Pings are more SGI and PXG are more players type clubs, but neither are firmly in those categories.
  3. I agree with the Ping DNA. But they feel much softer than the Ping G410.
  4. dekez

    Brand reputation

    XXIO - Hugs and Kisses
  5. Most companies have gotten their chit together after 7 months.
  6. I was fit with a Vylyn 75 Four at Club Champion. I play it in a Ping G410 driver at a total length of 44." My swing speed is 100 MPH with a smooth transition. I like the shaft a lot.
  7. For anyone interested, here is a quick comparison of the sole width of the G25 and the 0211 using calipers. I no longer have my JPX 919 Hot Metals. PW 0211 is 19.8mm G25 is 22.93mm 7I 0211 is 21mm G25 is 22.35mm How bounce sole width and camber interrelate I don't know.
  8. Hmm. Well that is interesting. My impression still stands. Perhaps its due to narrower sole or less offset? I'll get a caliper out and measure both. Or maybe its a placebo.
  9. Aha! I did not know that was the intent.
  10. Another thing I noticed: there were lots of camera shots of the bags of players using Taylormade. Those retro orange and black letter ones. Much less so for the players that had Ping bags. Or any other for that matter. I wonder if there are "placement advertising" dollars for these telecasts.
  11. Seems like Nike is sponsoring every player in the field this week at the PGA.
  12. They would be more valuable with new grips.
  13. The same type of folks that find a headcover and list it on eBay for $20 or more.
  14. I have the Osprey and Seahawk. I'd recommend the Seahawk.
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