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  1. They are very good grips. I play 25 times a year and am into my 4th season with them. No wear at all.
  2. I finished one round with the Mitsubishi MMT 90S. I have a 100MPH driver swing speed and am comparing the 950GH stiff to the MMT 90 Stiff. They are a pretty good match, but not exactly the same. The weight is the same. The launch and spin are similar and they are both smooth swingers. To me, the MMT play a tad more firm than the 950GH at the tip. They are still smooth, but I didn't feel that bend right at the tip that I do with the 950GH.
  3. To be fair, I didnt give the Fuji's much of a shot. I fit one club, an 8 iron, and hit a few shots and it just wasnt for me.
  4. Two shafts that DIDN'T compare favorably for me to the 950GH were the Fujikura Pro 95 stiff and Project X LZ Tour 6.0 graphite. The Fuji felt more boardy. The Project X LZ was just too light.
  5. The Mitsubishi MMT 90S is exactly the same weight, 98g, albeit not taper tip. My favorite steel iron shafts are the 950GH and Elevate 95 in stiff, so I know the 950GH very well. I just installed the MMT in my irons and I'm playing 5 rounds in the next five days so I will be able to due a decent comparison by the end of the weekend. Just hitting half shots into a net, they felt very similar to the 950GH and Elevate 95. Though it seems like the Elevate hits it highest of the bunch. This is very preliminary though.
  6. Never heard of this place. Looks real nice. Thanks.
  7. I was going to say Tour 360 2.0.
  8. Can anyone compare these to Nippon 950GH or Elevate 95 VSS (non-Tours)? Both are 98/99g in stiff.
  9. I was successful with two Iomic grips and then the 3rd looked like I was blowing up a baloon. It didnt rupture but the grip was ruined with a permanent bubble. For reference, it was the 2.3 ixX
  10. Let me know if you decide to sell the Elevate 95...
  11. Max I spend for new irons (pre-tax) is $600. Used ones, $400 New driver max: $500. Used driver max: $200
  12. They work well for those who take mid to large divots. Some shallower swingers struggle with them / tend to hit them thin.
  13. I didnt consider Maltby. But like you said, Sub70 has ONE GI model compared to how many irons for better players? New Level has none. Takomo none. Hogan edge I'm not sure.
  14. Thank you. Very enlightening.
  15. Grip Master grips for me. Tour Velvets on backup clubs.
  16. Higher handicap here. My preference are those that can be used for full and partial shots. Edel DRV and Ping Zing Lob remain in the bag after what seems like 50 other wedges.
  17. Srixon on left, T300 in middle, what is on the right?
  18. They are nice if the v sole works for you.
  19. It's interesting that the DTC companies all focus on irons for better players - the players distance category and better. Is it because it's easier / cheaper to make those irons from forging house blanks? Or are the market demographics for those that would be interested skewed towards single digit handicaps and better? Maybe both.
  20. No, there is not rust on the remaining tip. I only clean the clubs with a wet rag.
  21. I recall overheating a few of the shafts trying to get a weight tip out... haste makes waste as they say.
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