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  1. It's amazing how things have shifted in the last couple years, Callaway used to have some amazing looking irons and now TM is kinda stealing the show.
  2. Well then I need to pass along my address hahaha
  3. Idk how you do this and don't just walk off with some of these and hope no one notices, that teryllium is so cool.
  4. I have the 917 woods and the 3 wood always looks closed at address. Never have hook problems with it though.
  5. The way Bryson throws around the LA Golf name he acts like he's getting paid.
  6. -Stilwell, KS (Wolf Creek GC) -10.3 -Srixon Z Star -Used to play the NXT Tour, interested to see how these compare and if they're good enough for me to go back to Titleist. -Yes, couldn't putt without one. -Absolutely
  7. I've wanted a Redwood Anser since I was kid, glad I stumbled across this one.
  8. Damn that things looks pretty mean, nice pickup.
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