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  1. Thank you. I am seriously considering a set so appreciate the feedback.
  2. calaway33

    2016 AP1's

    Looking for opinions from people that have played or still play this set of irons.
  3. Don't mean to change the subject but I am down to G400 and 718 AP1. How did you like the AP's when you hit them. I have hit the G400s off of grass but haven't hit the AP1s at all. Just curious!!
  4. I agree with everything in your post!!
  5. How about Bridgestone B RX and B RXS????
  6. I'm sorry but 41 is not old by any means. If you go graphite now by the time you are 45 they will seem too heavy. Then what are you going to do? I am 63 and play heavier shafts. Walked 18 yesterday and when I finished it was 86 degrees and I was not tired at all. Now, I also exercise 3-4 times a week which I feel has done wonders for helping my stamina, strength etc. I do cardio and weights. Before I commited to graphite at such a young age maybe consider a workout routine???
  7. I have not tried it yet due to it still being winter here but I have read a lot of reviews saying it works great on push carts.
  8. I have to agree on the 2018 cart bag. I was going to buy one until I saw them. Opted for the 2017 Deluxe Cart Bag and am really happy with it.
  9. Agree with the DT Trusoft. I have played many high end balls and for me the Trusoft performs just as well.
  10. [quote name='KARL M' timestamp='1431690475' post='11562832'] I have been using a YES Natalie for the last 5+ years, and just ordered a YES Abbie. I will be cutting it down a little, and replacing the grip with a Scotty Pistolero. Any suggestions on ways to properly align the grip, other than just by eye ? [/quote]Lay the flat part of the grip on a table then use a small(6" or so) level on the face of putter.
  11. I thought they were I20 irons.
  12. What do you guys think of them?
  13. [quote name='rpaige88' timestamp='1338766979' post='5024458'] I tried out the i20's yesterday and loved them. I think that is what Im going with. I did the online fitting and it said I was lie color: white and grip size: aqua. My question is, what way is the best to order Pings? Should I just order them from a store or use online? I know on some online sites I can just order 4-PW, which is what I would prefer (plus I save $100). [/quote] You might want to go somewhere and get a live fitting. I know of quite a few people who got different results than they got with the online fitting.
  14. I have a set of 710s and just bought the 712s also. I like the 712s a lot better. I much prefer the shaft, sole and absolutley the look of the club. I must add though that I went through a complete fitting with the 712s which I did not do with the 710s.
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