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  1. To whom this is aimed at...Low HC/Pros...If the feel isn't soft then I suspect it may suffer similar comments/fate to the i500.
  2. Just for fun, I thought it would be interesting to see what 3-4-5 wood folks are playing, and what setting they have it set at, and their reasoning? I have a recent Cobra F9 3 wood and am still playing adjusting. However usually I leave on the standard setting as I really only use off the fairway and seems to launch well at standard 14.5*. I plan on messing around to higher lofts as the season goes on. Wondering what other folks have experimented on? Thanks.
  3. I made a late decision and ordered 4/16/2021 from 2nd Swing. I was quoted 8-10 weeks estimated. I ordered standard length and loft with PX LZ 6.0 Red dot 5-W. I am contemplating a cheap backup set in the meantime that would be more forgiving than my current gamers.
  4. I guess, hang on to any back ups until your order comes in!
  5. There is a thread that I have seen in the past debating this MPF score especially with i500. Lots of it got technical with VCOG coming into the calculation. I tried to ignore it and focus on how they actually play in my hands. I would suggest getting maybe one iron vs a set of long irons in any of your choosing and then see how that goes. For me, I start to loose consistency and ball speed on irons below 5 iron, therefore I'm still confident with the iblade 5 iron, but am still loving my i20 rescue 23* in my 4 iron spot. As when I'm in trouble, I have option of hooding my 5 iron or punc
  6. I have contemplated this many times. I play iblade 5-w and use a older i20 4 hybrid at 23*. But one option although you would have the lowest iron same # as your highest iblade would be to look at the i500 range.
  7. Ping G410 in my 3 (19*) and then Ping i20 for my 4 (23*)
  8. Thanks for the comments. I'm still gaming my iblades, but wanted to see other's comments. Thanks a bunch.
  9. Wanted to spark some opinions on the 'best cast not forged players club". My bias and favorite is the Ping iBlade.
  10. Anyone compare to Ping Iblade and also anyone comment on durability? Thanks.
  11. I would love all Witb would show lofts as well as clubs. The old Golf digest Witb page used to show that.
  12. Always a tough spot in the bag.. I'm back to iblade 5-W from short i500 stint. I am thinking about putting a PZ 6.0 steel shaft to match my irons in a Ping i20 4 hybrid at 23*. I'm also leaning towards a G iteration 4-5 iron if I can get it adjusted 23-24* loft too.
  13. nilopol

    G410 hybrid

    Anyone compare PX Hzrdus 85 to Evenflow black? I current game in my 3 hybrid, Callaway 815. And thinking of experimenting with 410 in that shaft. Also I'm experimenting with older hybrid Ping i20 4 hybrid with OG PX 6.0 shaft. Getting cold in PA so likely won't be able to swing much but indoors, however won't stop me from debating all winter. Anyone consider steel shaft in their 4 hybrid. I play PZ 6.0 in my irons.
  14. Great bag, I have blades as well 5-W. Did you try the glide for your gap wedge?
  15. yeah I think the glides are likely the best transition to SW.
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