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  1. Wait times are current real world experiences. Should you want them, order them, but have a back up handy to use until they eventually come in. I ordered 4/16 and come early July supposedly mid July ship time. I canceled and was able to find my specs in different brand used. Good luck
  2. Couldn't agree more. I was able to snatch PXG 0211 with my fav shaft and cancelled the delayed i210.
  3. I canceled my order after 4/16 order to 6/15 ship to then Mid July update estimate. Felt no end in sight, so I cancelled. 2nd Swing honored my request to cancel and refund.
  4. Ordered 4/16. First ship date 6/15. Then second update Mid July. 2nd swing is a class act in that they cancelled by order on my request. Was able to find competitor irons with my specs on the bay. They came in today! after asking seller to delay shipping since I would not have been home to receive last week from vacation.
  5. Update in that my order was now back ordered to Mid July. Component issue which I believe might be the Px Lz shafts. Canceled and was lucky enough for a set of PXG 0211 with LZ 6.0 and 1 degree flat lie. I'm going for it.
  6. Did you get any notification that it was being delivered? I ordered Ping i210 Red dot standard length PZ 6.0 5-W. I ordered 4/16.
  7. Looking to see anyone's past experience with the second generation Ping Anser irons released 2012-2013. I am using as a back up until my i210's eventual come in. I wanted to hear opinions on who have played? How they compared to other irons? If anyone still plays? Really interested in any comments. Thanks.
  8. There is another post on here which I'm to lazy to find for you (sorry) that talks about the i210 delivery times. I ordered 4/16 with expected ship date 6/15 quoted from 2nd swing. So average seems to be 8-10 week from order to ship. So I'm still waiting. I don't exchange clubs often, however this taught me to have a old back up set.
  9. Revisiting this thread if any folks have comments on the Ping Anser Forged 2013 this many years later. Again comparisons to Ping I series. Of course feel is subjective, but looking to see if any playability comments. Thanks.
  10. Ping i210, unfortunately have to wait 8-10 weeks to get them. Ordered 4/15 with expected ship date 6/15.
  11. Update Ordered i210 5-W Red dot standard Length/Loft. PX LZ 6.0 on 4/15. Just emailed them and they note est ship date 6/15. Unfortunately sold my only set and might have to purchase a back up to bridge gap.
  12. To whom this is aimed at...Low HC/Pros...If the feel isn't soft then I suspect it may suffer similar comments/fate to the i500.
  13. Just for fun, I thought it would be interesting to see what 3-4-5 wood folks are playing, and what setting they have it set at, and their reasoning? I have a recent Cobra F9 3 wood and am still playing adjusting. However usually I leave on the standard setting as I really only use off the fairway and seems to launch well at standard 14.5*. I plan on messing around to higher lofts as the season goes on. Wondering what other folks have experimented on? Thanks.
  14. I made a late decision and ordered 4/16/2021 from 2nd Swing. I was quoted 8-10 weeks estimated. I ordered standard length and loft with PX LZ 6.0 Red dot 5-W. I am contemplating a cheap backup set in the meantime that would be more forgiving than my current gamers.
  15. I guess, hang on to any back ups until your order comes in!
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