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  1. Does anyone how long it takes AZ courses to get back to *good* playing shape after overseeing? For context, I'm thinking of playing Southern Dunes around 3-4 days after it reopens post-reseed. Should I expect something that's soggy and lush (not what I want) or semi-firm and good shape?
  2. All sold, appreciate the interest everyone!
  3. Need cash so no trade offers please! All prices are OBO and I'm happy to cut a deal if you want multiple heads. Titleist Vokey SM6 S Grind 58/10 (raw). This one started life with the stock black finish, but I decided to use it to experiment with some different finishes. Stripped the original black, enhanced the s grind, polished, and bead blasted before hand-peening and torching. $60 shipped. SOLD!Titleist Vokey SM2 red saw 52/08 (raw). Started life as an oil can red saw. Decent shape aside from the fact to hosel transition area. $40 shipped. SOLD!Titleist Vokey SM2 red saw 56/08 (raw). Like the 52, this one started life as an oil can red saw. Stripped, polished, bead blasted, and new paint. $45 shipped. SOLD!Titleist Vokey SM2 red saw 64/07 (chrome plated). This one has the most wear of all in the group, but it's still in great condition for how old it is. Some dings and dents but the micro milling is still there. $50 shipped. SOLD!
  4. Looks real to me.. nothing jumps out visually and never seen a fake 2.5.
  5. Any idea on the cm measurement on these? I think cadet XL is usually 25cm, but just curious if it's listed inside the glove.
  6. If one cares about having legit irons, then one should seek legit irons from a legit authorized retailer.
  7. For sale, no trades! Two dozen (dare I say, vintage?) 2013 Titleist Pro V1x brand new in original packaging. Low numbers, no logos, and no yellowing or color fading! Still look fresh from the factory. These have been sitting in my golf closet for a few years and I'm thinning the collection. Will not split. $85 shipped.
  8. For sale, no trades! All original, vintage Bettinardi BB1 Short Slant RJB Milled putter in the hard-to-find Black Thunder finish. Absolute roller with the honeycomb face and sound slot. As you can see from the photos, the putter is in great condition for its age. Gorgeous mill marks still pop through the black thunder. It has some surface scratches and light wear marks, but the putter is pretty much free of dings and dents. Measures 34" from butt of grip to center of face and is standard loft and lie. Still has the original shaft and shaft label. No head cover. $350 shipped.
  9. @Ferris2001 here you go, if you still need it. SCEX11440-WVSJU
  10. Best guess is that it’s an early 2000s PP NP2 tour head. But a few things stand out that I’m not sure about. First, never seen a head from that era with that sole. Most tour heads have “tour” under the NP2 stamp with the CT logo. Second, the head seems to be rusting mostly at the edges, indicating that the putter might have been shaped/refinished post PP finish. Third, the cavity has some funky milling. Hard to tell from the photo, but it looks like it was milled by a blind man with all those steps and cuts. Would love to see a close up of the cavity in a different picture.
  11. Looks authentic to me... the insert appears to be the proper size (extends past the text on the sole). I think the face milling only looks absent because of the angle of the photo. Everything else looks spot-on.
  12. Hard to say because the head can't be pulled. Probably between 325-330.
  13. Items are for sale, no trades! Best offers considered. 1. Ping Anser Milled 4. Standard loft and lie. Measures 34.5" from butt of grip to center of face. Comes with like-new SuperStroke Ultra Slim 1.0 grip. Original paint stripped and black/white paint added. Used conditions with minor dings/dents. Comes with original head cover. $100 shipped. 2. Ping BeNi Scottsdale Anser. C mold. Sightline and sound slot. Standard loft and lie. Measures 35.25" from butt of grip to center of face. Comes with like-new Ping PP58 midsize grip. Original paint stripped and putter given a gorgeous glass bead blast. Absolutely stunning & rare putter. Bet you've never seen one like this! $200 shipped.
  14. For sale, no trades! Nippon Modus 4–PW iron shaft set with two extra wedge shafts. 4 iron is 105X. 5–PW are 120X. Two extra wedges are 120X. Shafts come with Lamkin Crossline 360 grips. Tips have around 1.5–2" of prep area. 4–PW lengths are 37.5, 37 1/8, 36 5/8, 36 1/8, 35 5/8, 35 1/8, and 34 5/8. Two wedge shafts are 34 1/8 and 34. Lengths measured from grip to tip. Happy to answer any questions! $150 shipped.
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