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  1. Fullerton CA (rarely have new golf products) They also had a bunch @ the Irvine Location a few weeks ago where I grabbed a set
  2. Went to a local Costco which rarely carries the new golf stuff and they had a full pallet of wedges. Little surprised also as they had them sort of away from any endcap or display. Its seems like the shipments are of plenty so why they aren't online is a mystery.
  3. Picked up the wedges because for $53.33 a wedge why not ? I only chipped a little with 56 but I can tell you from address the head shape is identical to the RTX-4 . Only complaint it the grip but that is an easy fix before a full test run.
  4. Did you sell the TS-2 heads ?
  5. ** SOLD! Shafts were professionally pulled from the Srixon 585 irons . Played +1/2" in that head, ordered directly from Srixon new in 2019. About 1 season worth of use. Very good condition. 6-GW have almost new Tour Velvet Midsize Allign Grip and the 5i has standard Velvet grip. Great feeling shaft but too light for me. Asking SOLD!! shipped to lower 48 states,
  6. Yeah and if I am not mistaken , TA being a Dicks House brand is all assembled by Maltby anyway. I've tried Maltby, someday might try Hogans but have no issue with Kirkland if they work. Problem I see with Kirklands for me is getting into the Driver and Irons if they ever offer. Too much customization required for my swing.
  7. On the 130 $-Tapers , since they are hard stepped, I could take the 4-PW and plug in to my 5-GW and cut the butt my length in theory ?
  8. Thanks I wasn't sure if the HD version was any different. Also in X flex I would expect it to be a couple grams more. Either way I think I learned today a heavier shaft suits me well. 65-67 grams is harder to control consistently
  9. Got my weight kit in and putting in the 20G weights and the 50g weight in the handle really improves the feel for me. Putting was very good already, now I think it's up there with the big boys. $190 ish for putter and weight kit is a good value if you can handle the Kirkland name and logo
  10. So I picked up a used club today and was hitting it really well vs others on the LM. Had a Matrix Ozik HD Black Tie 7M3 in X-Flex. Looks like the shaft might be a 2013 model but hard to find the exact info. Is this model closer to 80 grams ? It was by far the best dispersion and about 4-5 more mph ball speed vs others I was testing. TIA
  11. My app also still showed no stock, but on the actual website they were there. Weird.
  12. Weight kits are back in stock.. At least it let me place an order. Hopefully they are actually ready to ship!
  13. I know this is an old post , however our mens club @ El Prado is pretty robust. Saturday morning skins usually have 3 flights (Cp on all par 3's) and usually 40 players. Tournaments are 60-80 players. Season ends in Sept to October is good time to dive in.
  14. So the 52/56/60 seems odd in the sense that most newer sets would have a PW of about 44-45 degree and a GW around 48-50. If this is to fit a set with a GW of 48 , that would be a set with 5 wedges (PW-LW) with the target customer being someone who would never need that many (Is Phil shopping Costco?) I would thing offering two options in either 56/60 or 54/58 would basically fit all golfers, and may even spike the interest of more high end golfers. Maybe whoever they contracted with and the price they negotiated dictated the 3 pc set but also think that may deflect some buy
  15. Bump* Sent Discount Dan's an email on some Ping i210 irons last week, never got a response. Anyone know if they are having issues with response time due to Covid-19?
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