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  1. Your smash factory is about 1.55 That would be better than tour average
  2. Got to hit these a little yesterday with only the AWT shafts but I will say the feel was a little let down. I know they are cast but I have owned Pings previously (G30 irons was the most recent) and I gotta say these were just .... Meeehhhhh on feel. On the flip side, there were dead straight with incredibly tight dispersion . I will say the loss of distance on a toe shot was a little more than expected, but not horrible. May end up waiting the long delivery on i210's . G425's are great if you can get along with the feel.
  3. I actually have in my hand of a ball I found a couple week ago that has the stamp <PERFORMANCE+*> I assumed this is the new V2 but do not have a V1 to compare it too.
  4. Good lord and the new 4 pc come out and help get this thread back where it belongs ?
  5. So maybe someone here can answer this If the specs on a 8 iron power loft and a 7 iron retro loft are the same (0.5 degree difference) but the 7" iron retro is 1/2" longer.... the question is this. If you go with retro but are normally +1/2" in most standard irons, should you then buy these at standard lengths as the length on the G425 retro will be same length as +1/2" in almost any other brand 8 iron ?
  6. That store usually gets stuff early also. Look out for the new 4 pc and let me know if you see them. Good luck!
  7. I've seen them all over. Anaheim Hills, Tustin, Fullerton..... Plenty to be had in store.
  8. So it appears the 2021 version of the 0211 irons are stronger than before. Some gaps between clubs are 6 degrees. Anyone else a little skeptical on this ? Upside is you might be able to squeeze an extra club in the bag elsewhere. Thoughts?
  9. Usually these products first appear @ select stores or new store locations. Wonder if mid-late February is first drop or full rollout.
  10. HA! Durability ?? Even if I am lucky enough , I don't play a ball past 2 rounds. Even Srixon yellow XV's which are the most durable I have played are pretty jacked after 36 holes. Still playable but they go into the shag at that point.
  11. Why not release to CA and Florida and get some hype going ?
  12. Hopefully, this means they can release the new 4 pc in the next week or so. No reason to hold back now!
  13. Not sure about the APEX vs I210 but I know the lead time on custom build Pings are 3 months right now.
  14. So I have played 6 rounds with the K-Wedges and the more I play them the more they are going to replace the Cleveland Wedges (52/56) . The K-Wedges seem to sit better on the turn and give me more confidence on sweeping chip and pitch shots. The Cleveland wedges appear to make me want to strike down a little more than I need. The 60 cannot beat my MD4 - PM Grind for versatility but very pleases with these clubs.
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