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  1. What a win. Lydia was other worldly. Great tournament. It’s Masters week!!!
  2. How about Shanshan this week? If I were Patty’s caddy I would have done a Tin Cup and broke all of her irons and woods on 18 fairway (except her wedges and putter) before letting her go for it in two.
  3. The only way this would be better is if Lydia and Patty were the final group. This reminds me of Phil and Stenson at the Open a couple of years ago.
  4. It’s great to see Lydia’s swing now after what Leadbetter did to it. What ever happened to the A swing, lol
  5. Patty shoots a 33 on the front and after starting with a 5 shot lead only leads by 2 after Lydia finishes the 11th.
  6. The only complaint I have of the coverage is that incessant prop airplane that provides the aerial shots. What I wouldn't give for a SAM and some peace and quiet. I need talk to my company's leadership to get the Fujifilm blimp out of mothballs.
  7. 7 hours of coverage today. Nothing to complain about here. 7 more tomorrow!
  8. I am going with Danielle Kang. I think she will be on her game this week after the double-bogey finish at the Kia to miss out on a 2nd place (tie) finish. I am a big Lexi fan but her putting is worrisome from week to week. No backstop on 18 is great news. Looking forward to the TV coverage this week! Here's hoping it's Terry and Judy in the booth this week.
  9. In Gee failed to sign her score card, according to Beth Ann Nichols from Golf Week. DQ. Bummer.
  10. Interesting comments today on the Golf Channel app feed. Judy commented during a break that she was not fond of the flat brimmed hats and Grant said "Perry the Platypus" for some reason. I love hot mics! I'm sure the announcers don't, lol.
  11. I noticed on the LPGA website that Golf Channel will be online streaming nightly from 6 to 9 p.m. An extra hour of coverage? Anyone know what happened to Shanshan Feng? Can't find any news about her. Just read the 2021 LPGA thread - never mind! I am going with Lexi this week. My not too long shot is In Gee. She has been playing very well lately.
  12. My take on Morgan in the booth is that she was better than Paige but is not quite equal with Karen. I really prefer Judy and Terry in the booth (no slight on Grant). I would LOVE to see Christina Kim in the booth. She doesn't have LPGA status at the moment (or is very low on the list) and does great work on the PGA Live coverage when she is on.
  13. I searched for posts on this but didn't find anything. There is a X-Golf open in Libertyville. About 15 minutes away from me so it's convenient. No affiliation. It may keep my swinging a club during the winter months. https://www.xgolf-libertyville.com/
  14. > @Argonne69 said: > Captivating TV to say the least. Both teams played extremely well. Kudos to the fans for making even more exciting. > > I guess that's why they play the matches. On paper the U.S. had the dominant team, but in match play anything can happen. How on Earth does Ally put a tee shot in the back bunker on 17? Front part of the green and a play for a tie is all that's needed. I was expecting more from Morgan in the anchor spot. Marina had a great chance to seal the win, but it looks like she had a bad read. Pressel was run over by someone who has been strugg
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