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  1. I love TXG and am most interested in them putting a well fitted Max/Tsi2 and LST/Tsi3 against each other.
  2. I’ll take your word for it! I am going to put the LST and Max in this years fitting. The Ping and Titleist lines interest me the most. I think it’s going to be close!
  3. Is anyone else a little disappointed in 425 after hearing the reviews? It seems like they improved the looks and arguably a little tighter dispersion (maybe?), but sacrificed everything else, ie. Sound, Distance, Ball Speed... Every review I have seen has their 400max beating out the 425 Max/LST. I am curious to hear others thoughts.
  4. With the heavy Ping driver heads they make sense. We will see...!
  5. Anybody on this thread put the 425 drivers line against the Tsi line?
  6. That’s a good thing. I liked the look of the Apex Pros if the leaked pic of the Apex line was the real deal.
  7. I just read the WITB for Rahm. They were calling his irons the Apex Protos.
  8. Anybody thinking about ZX7/ZX5 or Mizuno 921T/Forged Combo? Currently in the 919Fs, but those soles are interesting.
  9. I don’t think anybody on this forum has hit them yet.
  10. Has nobody else mentioned or noticed the extra toe bulge/weight on the toe side of the driver in the picture of all three drivers? Am I seeing things...?
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