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  1. Why not go 9 and decrease loft. Less loft and more open at address
  2. Pretty sure they will release in Summer 21’. That coincides with release patterns for Titleist.
  3. I heard mid October fitting. 10/17 or something.
  4. That’s pretty sweet. My club has tons of the current ones. They look nice, but super thick and heavy. I don’t like the tight, three-way divider. Wish they would thin the Members bag out, lighten it up and change divider without making the diameter larger.
  5. Golf club sales are at record highs at the moment.
  6. Called FedEx yesterday. They lost the brand new (full priced) hybrid I bought. Now contemplating just waiting to see if a new one comes out in a month or released on the 2 year cycle at Summer 21’.
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