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  1. I just put an MCC +4 on one of my clubs to see how I like it. Put it on logo down. I currently play with ZGrips logo up. Logo down seems to be nice on the MCC so far
  2. B. Draddy - Shirts Peter Millar - Shirts, Shorts, Pants, Quarter Zips Johnnie-O - Shirts, Quarter Zips KJUS Rain Gear, Wind, Insulation Zero Restriction - Insulation, Wind
  3. Finally got the call on 6/2 that my clubs arrived. Ordered 3/27 5-PW PX 6.5. They built them correctly with LW heads bc I ordered +1” over. They work great in the turf. Probably a combination of the shafts/grips, etc., but I think my 919F Mizuno heads are a little softer. 919s are Not nearly as consistent though. To me the ZX7 heads feel like a blend of my Mizuno 919 and Titleist 714 AP2s. I had the ZX7’s heads bent 1° weak from the factory. Making them 33° At the 7i. If anyone is curious, the 33° ZX7 7i is still a little longer than
  4. @Stuart_G You are a wealth of knowledge my friend!!!! Thank you so much!
  5. @Stuart_G Old Irons 4-PW Mizuno 919 Forged +1/2” w/ DG 120 X100’s. D1-D2 New Irons - 4-PW Srixon ZX7 +1” w/ PX6.5’s. D4 When eyeballing the 919 and ZX7 7iron side by side it’s 1/2 - 1/4” (need to get actual measurement) difference. I was fit into the 919s at Sea Island 2 1/2 years ago. I wanted to go through their process just for fun. I was fit by my local pro and abs instructor in Atlanta into the 6.5’s. My current wedges are SM7 50F PX6.0 +1/2”, SM7 54S PX 6.0 +1/2, SM7 58D PX 5.5 +1/2”. I don’t know the swing weight but I think they are a touch
  6. Just got in some new irons. ZX7 Irons with PX 6.5s straight in down to the sets PW @ 46° And D4. All +1” over Srixon’s Standard Length. My current wedges are worn out and the shafts don’t match to weight and flex. I’m looking for a more natural progression into my gap wedge at 50°, then 54/55 or 58/59/60°. I’m probably going to put a 6.5 @ +1” into the 50° since I’ve historically just used it with a full swing. I am thinking of trying S400s in the sand and lob wedge. Should I look at .75 or .5 over? Or just keep the progression at +1”. If I order an S4
  7. Supply / Demand.... heard it a million times in every industry, but it’s very simple. Looking beyond to obvious, it boils down to labor. There is a massive shortage across all industries for labor. Companies can’t pay people enough to work. Workers have been deincentivized via stimulus programs.
  8. Not sure. Current line up doesn’t offer a plumbers neck. Need to go through the garage for that. maybe they are looking at adding that as a standard offering giving golfer the ability to look at additional graphite shafts, ie, Stability and LA Golf.
  9. I am right there with you. I am launching my 6x at 15.5°. 3000 spin. Epic flash 9° head. 109-114 SS. I can’t go stiffer. Could use a a little lower launch.
  10. Ok thanks. Just really like it whatever it is!! would the Ventus blue or black hybrid be a comparable option?
  11. All shaft experts. Anybody know if the EvenFlow White Hybrid shaft is still in production? Or what Proj X’s replacement shaft is for that flex? I play a 100gr EvenFlow White Hybrid in my 23° TS2. My favorite and most consistent club in the bag. I want to pick up a 2 or 3 Tsi2 and would like to get the equivalent. I don’t mind paying for a nice shaft. I usually keep a club for 4 years.
  12. I want to say the only counterbalanced one is Blue. And it’s only slightly counterbalanced.
  13. Based off your discussion do you think 505 will be the 2nd gen 500 and 510 will get a replacement as well? or 505 replaces both.
  14. How do y’all like this set gap wedge vs a sm7/8 or Zipcore?
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