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  1. FYI - LAGP is coming out with an over the hosel version @MattM97 @dlow206
  2. Taboo to put a LAGP on a Scotty? I picked up a Triple Black on the release. Love it so far, but want to tighten up the shaft. Would it kill the value? Would I have to send it to Scotty to do the work in order to keep the value? Thanks in advance.
  3. If you’re 75 yards offline, I think we need to consider lessons and not gear.
  4. I just tried on a pair of Premiers 13 Medium. They fit perfect. Weird I wear a 13W in ProSL Carbon.
  5. I’m in the same boat. I hate the timing of the release. I’d love to buy a new pair of shoes specifically for winter. It would be nice to have an updated offering. By the spring I’ll be wanting a new and different pair for spring and summer.
  6. Anybody know when/if the ProSL’s will be updated? I was just looking and they are offering the 2021 models at a discounted rate. Labeling has them already as Last seasons Model.
  7. I’ve always thought footjoy has had funky sizing. I wear a standard width 14 in regular running shoes, 13D in dress shoes, 13W in my FJ ProSL Carbons and 13 Mediun in Icon Blacks. Never would I have thought I’d need a Wide width shoe.
  8. I bought a pair of AirMax 90’s online in the same size as my New Balance running shoes. I was surprise at how small and narrow they were. Maybe they change the last on them for 22’.
  9. I know I’m in the minority. The crown design didn’t do it for me. I liked the shapes though.
  10. I played my first round with it this weekend. It sits very square and compact at address. Subtle red sight line dots are a very nice contrast to that all black. I’m glad they didn’t use black paint. The headcover seems pretty poorly made. Good thing I don’t care that much because I am playing the club. Not ideal that I have to buy another headcover. Does anybody know what shaft is in the putter? It has the Scotty Cameron limited sticker, but I can’t tell the brand/type. My guess would just be a gloss black KBS strapless. I’m not sure.
  11. Just hit the conforming list. Great find @allgolfequipment
  12. I’d be all over that oil can finish. Forgot about those.
  13. How did you decide between 105 and 135. I have no idea how to test. Seems impossible.
  14. I’d like to see the copper color as an option again. The blue sm8s are nice looking as well.
  15. This putter has a great feel and sound. Nice compact shape. It’s a shame most people won’t be able to game it.
  16. That’s a nice looking putter. I’d buy.
  17. Just rolled mine today. Great feel and distance control. Sets up very nice and square. It’s going in the bag.
  18. I love that San Diego. Hope it’s a bronze. Silver is very nice as well. very Clean.
  19. I remember someone leaked a pic of the SM8s in august before the following spring release. my guess it’s unofficially shown by the tour guys in November with the possibility of a pic leaking anytime from now until them.
  20. Interesting. modulus of elasticity properties of thin flat structures of the two are very different. Grades of Titanium and weaves, manufacturing techniques, and thickness can result in different objectives. I don’t see any advantages, but a lot of downside. could be something new and cool though. They have smart engineers and new manufacturing techniques can really unleash materials potential.
  21. How are you guys already Putchasing these? Everything is reading that it’s released on 10/08.
  22. If it’s anything like the past SM9s will pop up on tour mid November. Jan/Feb 22’ official marketing debut. Late Feb/Early March 22’ retail release.
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