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  1. I’ve stayed away from Callaway’s hybrids. I’ve never meshed with them. Maybe The looks. I’ve played Callaway drivers for about 15 years. I guess I was late to the game on the velocity blades tech.
  2. Fair. Maybe Velocity Blades still a “thing” for next release.
  3. If this is any indication of what’s on the horizon for 2022, looks like Callaway is rolling with a red colorway for woods release. Also, new tech called Velocity Blades (updated jailbreak structure). When Callaway originally released the orange super hybrid it preceded the Mavrik. They needed up both being orange.
  4. There are a limited amount of putter shapes that can be made given the constraints of space. There are many half dome shaped putter designs that have been created. No denying that. I think people are missing the story here. It’s what’s under the hood, or in this case, what’s on the sole. Look at the weight plate and and screw configuration(s). It looks like there’s much more to the story than people are giving credit.
  5. The 2019 Titleist Vokey Forged - Japan release.
  6. Coming from 919F X100 120gr. D1.5 I bought 5-PW ZX7 D4. I am still waiting on the ZX5 in the 4i. I found the blade length to be pretty similar comparing 919F and ZX7s. Same with ZX7 vs ZX5s. Forgiveness is very similar. I am steeper in my transition. I gained distance and accuracy with ZX7s. Playing Px 6.5s. FWIW I had a much harder time hitting the ZXU 4 utility iron when figuring out where to finish off the top of my bag.
  7. @Nixhex524 @Florida Gator @DFW Snowman @fortheloveofthegame @ALTSean Thoughts on swapping the pockets? Or keep original?
  8. Haven’t seen the Deep Blue in the wild. Had to pull the trigger on both. Couldn’t decide. Cart bag for Summer and Winter. Swapped pockets and am digging how they look.
  9. Summer and Winter Cart Bags. Been using a 21’ StaDry for walking.
  10. Anybody know what Tour guys are actually carrying this thing in the bag? Y’all think it will be released!?
  11. The Toulon’s I have rolled have changed my game. For months I tried everything under the sun to figure out what worked for me. I think there is a lot of untapped opportunity with the Toulon brand. I just question it Callaway has given it the horsepower (funding) needed to take charge in the space. I agree with the comments above about the Toulon website being finicky. Also with the aftermarket weight options, customization cost, etc. I like the current milling and the way it feels, but I can see a lot of value in another milled option/ interchangeable inserts that are milled, hinged, etc. On the flip side I think there is a price to diluting the brand of a purely milled putter into a “transformer” of sorts. Maybe thats reserved for the Odyssey side of the market. This is coming from the guy that really like the odyssey protype tour. Oh… and for what’s it’s worth I don’t put weight into the quality of the headcover when selecting a putter. I look at the stick. BUT, for what it’s worth I treat my clubs very well and the Toulon headcover that came on my Las Vegas is falling apart and looks as if I took a high speed sander to it! They can do better on that part.
  12. Did Sean Toulon have stabilizing bars in his drivers or woods way back when the company was around? Or did he have patents around the tech? Very interesting! If so, great find.
  13. Callaway always rotates between a non adjustable driver to an adjustable one to stager the releases. Epic Rogue Epic Flash Mavrik Epic Max LS/Speed 2022 - I’ve heard they are bringing back to Mavrik Naming scheme Mizuno is supposed to be adding their current Tour only adjustable driver to the driver lineup this fall. As for Taylormade. I think they will release a moveable weight type driver for 2022. I think they purposefully went with a non adjustable weight version this year to counter Callaway’s 2 year type cycle. This would give the consumer an adjustable option in the big box store when competing against Callaway’s non-adjustable type drivers in years to come.
  14. I think at $360 you are paying for tipping, adaptor, and other services, etc. Those services are built into an MSRP. Keep in mind $360 is not what the building gets for the raw shaft. It is quite dramatically less than that. That’s with the expectation for the retailer to cover sales, hard, variable costs, etc. If the seller feels that their services warrant that and want to charge that said price, more power to them. Good for them! America! I am just not going to be that guy.
  15. I love the way my Las Vegas feels. Hated/hate the inserts in the odyssey’s. Hated the way the phantom line felt, too.
  16. To each their own, but I think the new T100s look like a refined iBlade mixed with the Titleist CB. Great looking.
  17. Those T100s will blend perfectly with the SM8s. The band badging matches perfectly.
  18. Thanks. Is the A wedge best suit for full swings? I use that space in my bag as full swing club to gap between my sand and Pw. I use my 9 to chip and LW for up and down 110 and in
  19. It’s the new utility iron. Replaces both U500 and U510
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