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  1. I can’t tell a difference between the two #2 versions
  2. Is the slate a grey or a blue? I saw one that was more Grey looking the other day when I was walking through a store. It def wasn’t the grey/black one on the right. The picture you referenced above looks very blue.
  3. Interesting shaft. I don’t have much experience with oban. Were you testing the 6.5LZ? Which flex did you test for the CT 125? The site says they have S, S+, X-, X, X+. I just shot my club pro an email. They don’t offer Srixon so I might go through a fitting at cc to see numbers with all the shaft choices.
  4. any update on you demoing zx7? I hit 921T, zx7, zx5, p7mc, p770, MMC, MIM Tours at Pgatss. I didn’t love the v-sole And I am steep but I am curious as to how they feel on grass. Still open to them. P7MC were the softness. Shortest by far, spun the most. 921T were best all around package (looks, feel , distance , consistency in dispersion, spin) followed closely by MMC. Zx7 felt great but kinda jumped when sliding through the artificial turn in the simulators. Longer than 921Ts but they are 2° stronger. A little less consistent, but I attribute that to the turf interaction. MIM Tour and P770 were the longest. MIM Tour edged it out in distance. 770 was just straight shot after shot. I tested each of the above over multiple days. All standard Lie - 6.5 LZ, Tour Issue X100. I currently play 919Fs with DG 120 x100s.
  5. Heard 8/1-9/1 i500 replacement i210 replacement possible iBlade replacement
  6. What was the process of designing your own bag?
  7. Those are the best looking walking bags available. Very good quality too. I used on for a round and decided it’s a much better bag to look at than carry. It feels like a brick.
  8. I am playing it in my ts2 hybrid. It’s been great. I was actually pretty surprised when the fitter brought it out to test. I tried the 90 as well but he said the weight was a little better for my swing, I was hitting the 90 a little high. I play dg 120 x100s in irons. SS 6i is about 94. Driver 110-114. even though it’s a stout shaft it feels really nice. It def requires you to load it, but the good part is if you are a little soft that day it will still be really stable and help deflection, but the ball just flies about 15 yards short (for me). it’s been very consistent and the ball flight has been really high and has a great decent angle for stopping power. I needed distance control and this was a great fit.
  9. Thank you. Spine might be the key. I looked at the lofts. Would deloft the 4 and take a little of the offset out. I’ll look at the spin when I can hit both side by side
  10. ZX4s just popped up in Srixon website. Now debating zxu vs zx4 as 4i replacement
  11. Wondering about a ZXU vs ZX4 for 4 iron replacement at top of bag.
  12. what’s the difference in the lite tour and retail lite? Is it a heavier, leather material in the hoofer lite design? Black and White.
  13. It’s a really pretty club, but I only looked at it. Aside from being really attractive and a nice shape my biggest takeaway was how big and tall (deep face) the club was for a 3W. May not be an issue when hitting, but conceptually it started to make me think turf shots (not on a mat) would make it difficult to launch. Matt, the scratch golfer at TXG, sure didn’t have a problem launching it though.
  14. Last I heard q3/4 21’ or 22 q1
  15. Thanks! I’ve had Titleist stadry and ply over the last years. Pockets and stitching have come apart on both pretty quick (new players 4 16”- side pocket came off while playing in Europe, stadry 17’ ball pocket stitching and zipper delaminated, replacement 18’ pocket ripped). I take care of my gear. So it’s def manufacturing defect or just poor quality / design. Time for a new bag. My CC is a Titleist facility, but I am going to have to try something else. They do look nice though.
  16. What do y’all think of the 2021 Hoofer Lite vs 21’ Stadry? For all around stand bag and carry. Do-it-all.
  17. Anybody used both CT One Step and Stability Tour ? Comparison ?
  18. You dislike 125x ? What’s it play like? I played x100s for about 10 years. Moved to 120 x100s. when I got into my late 20’s x100s started to become punishing. Moved to px 6.0 hardstepped. Never felt right. dg120s feel really nice. Timing is better too, I’m starting to get a little too much height.
  19. This has probably already been answered in the 60+ pages prior so I apologize if redundant, but why didn’t Titleist use ATI in the face of the 3/5/7 woods?
  20. Honestly, I’m not really sure. I’d imagine they would be identical in fit, but the supporting shell and sole flex a little different. Expand under weight a hair different, too. just speculation though
  21. Replacement for Pro. Slightly stiffer I believe.
  22. Sign of a good company IMO. Supporting the dealers and promoting fitting. I’d argue a fitted product in the hands of a golfer is free marketing. People grabbing off the rack ( ie. Stock product) is most likely not going to fit the golfer. In turn they won’t utilize its potential in front of spectators.
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