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  1. Well, I can certainly say I've learned a lot! I honestly didn't expect LCP to have such a standard to meet for implementation nor did I expect it to be offensive to some. I'd say this is likely a function of my youth competitive days. Most of my amatuer-->college golf was done in early spring conditions in courses that were only courses because nobody would build houses in flood plains. So our coaches/instructors were always quick to implement an LCP. Obviously that's a huge stretch to competitive Open qualifiers but it's been interesting reading these thoughts. I "know" al
  2. Watching the Womens Open today and this past Saturday I feel like I've seen chunky mud covered golf balls more than I usually would. So I get that everyone plays by the same rules. But thus my question, when do you officials decide there's "enough" moisture/mud/ill conditions to warrant implementing lift/clean/place?
  3. Chad, you might be the first human in the world to call a Scotty "too soft." Good luck with the sale!
  4. I did a forum search but most of the stuff I find was older and I want to make sure their sizing hasn't changed. In general I'm a 36, but I've found that in Nike and FJ I need to be in better shape (if you catch my drift) to wear those comfortably. I technically still fit, but it's a struggle and in hindsight, since I like beer I should have bought those in 38. So I'm looking at Loudmouth and I think I'm hearing they probably run a little more athletic/tight. Do you guys agree with that? What about through the thighs? I usually can't wear pants like chinos or slim fit jeans, even if the
  5. > @bbhockey19 said: > > @yobee54 said: > > Did you build the cover display? Looks incredible. > Yea father in law is a contractor > Holy crap I just saw the cover display. That thing should probably have its own insurance rider policy with the amount of product you got on there. Really nice.
  6. Thanks mods! It's a thankless job so thanks for putting up with our grumpy demeanor.
  7. Thank you, guys. I think this is what I needed to hear. I could just go stand in a rainstorm, but I don't really need to give my wife a reason to think I'm more crazy than she already thinks I am.
  8. I'd love to know this too. Not to be too snarky, but I think we don't _really _need to know that someone typed in a "Closed" comment from a posting from January.
  9. Just to make sure I have my sizes right, are these standard FJ sizing, so an XL is probably more like a XXL in other brands? Scully13: The Footjoy sizing is approximately 24" from armpit to armpit and 30" from top of shoulder to bottom cuff.
  10. I've always worn a super old FJ rain jacket. I'd say it's _at least_ ten years old, but to give you a reference to style, the bottom part of it around the waist has a full elastic band (think of old Starter jackets). So, it works great, but it's heavy and hot and it makes swishing noises every time you move (and the damn elastic waist!!!!). It's not comfortable, but do you know what's worse then being slightly uncomfortable?? Being soaked. And this thing works amazingly well to keep me dry. Anyway, I picked up a relatively new used Hydrolite jacket. It feels like nothing is there!!!!
  11. I can't tell if I don't know how to use the new forums or if I'm just an idiot. Or both?! Do you still have the UA's? If so, what size/price?
  12. Augster, your post was well timed! This exact thing happened to Paul Casey yesterday. He, along with his caddie and Graeme, ended up calling over the rules official to make sure they got it right. Edit: Sorry! Just saw another post about this.
  13. What you really want out of that link is this statement; "Clubs that conformed to the rules that were in effect prior to Jan. 1, 2010 will continue to conform to the Rules of Golf until at least 2024, unless the Condition is in effect. If the Condition is in effect, the clubs must comply with the specifications effective from Jan. 1, 2010." You can play with your "illegal" clubs legally (which actually makes them not illegal if you want to get deep about it) until 2024 as long as your just tooling around your local club. Once you play (I believe) a sanctioned USGA event is when you need con
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