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  1. Any of these do anything for you O' Fearless Leader ???
  2. Man I can't wait for Washington's home opener.
  3. Just fact that's all. That type of our of control accident, any normal person gets done what I previously stated, along with a breathalyzer.
  4. Yeah agree with you black box but no blood is being taken. This happens to any regular person and box and blood would of already been acquired.
  5. JonesScott I heard will be his caddie.
  6. And my picks are in. Viktor Hovland Marc Leishman Rory McILroy
  7. I don't do G&T. When I was younger. Now its anything I feel like. Water, ice tea, whatever's around. Works for me with a roaring fire. Can't remember the last time I had a martini. Interesting movie.
  8. I gained a point on the first place dude. I am totally stoked.
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