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  1. Moi's FedEx picks. Xander Schauffele 4X Justin Thomas Louis Oosthuizen Plus 2's Collin Morikawa and Viktor Hovland
  2. Sorry but kinda reminds me of this guy.....
  3. Will be posting my pics tomorrow. I know a totally useless post. How bout some pics then.
  4. "That Commish guy really has it going on upstairs. Take it from us."
  5. I loved to sail and was very very very good at it. Just ask anyone.
  6. The powers that be decided to give Commish one more try at yacht parking.....
  7. That's some seriously good scoring there.
  8. Sweet hot pants you got going there Commish . And yeah I had a couple pair myself. Had to have the short denim jean cutoffs.
  9. Yeah fiery Spaniard lol. Right along the lines of deranged buzzed out Spaniard.
  10. Our beloved Commishes first two days as a yacht parker. "I felt like I had done all I could do on a sailboat." he replied to a local new reporter.
  11. All or nothing hitter. HR's but low average and K's. That short right field wall though..... Prospects Cubs got back who knows.
  12. As long as the Stankies stay third or below I am all good.
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