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  1. "Hey Q I'm doing my best to get this game played for ya so you can get the wins. You liken my threads Bro?"
  2. Getting ridiculous. Think cancelled will happen shortly.
  3. I don't have PayPal. No plans to get it. If someone would spot me a fin then okay . Besides I need to eat this month.
  4. Kendall Hilton QB Broncos line for the game. 1/9/2 13yds. QBR 0.1
  5. I am seriously trending to this place in a hurry. By passing I am not basement worthy.
  6. 0-1 officially so fer, replacement picks 1-1, lets see if Steelers/Ravens actually happens.
  7. Denver wanted to put in an assistant coach as QB. The league said NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  8. OMG hopefully there is no lightning nearby when you posted that abomination. That would be George Blanda.
  9. If anyone has Denver they don't have any QB's. All of them are out for Sunday. I'm for bringing back this guy outta retirement.
  10. Phil overanalyzing everything just gets to be to much. Barkley's self depreciating humor is the best. Hey Steph what were those Inspector Gadget shoes? Manning would be a seriously fun guy to play with.
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