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  1. Patriots Win +2 Patriots Cover +2 Packers Cover +1 5-0 week 7.
  2. FULL HOMER ALERT ALERT ALERT Last 2/3 weeks I am 1-9. Getting hammered with BOLD PICKS. So of course I will make two more. Gotta turn it around, and as P8 stated above games this week suck. So am going back to Pats and the Wright Bros. Two fer. PATRIOTS -7 After giving up 32,000 yds against the Cowboys D gets some guys back and all fired up. PATS/WRIGHT BROS OVER 42.5 Pats opened it a little last week and more this week. OL is slowly getting healthy kinda. Wash/G.B Under 49.5 35-13
  3. And for those with less discriminating tastes.....
  4. Don't even get me started about this stuff in H.S.....
  5. I'd have to go with Bruno Sammartino for the pin.
  6. Congrats. I have one, and never saw it go in due to a humpback whale in front of green. At least you have someone in your group see it go in so you have that going for you. Here's to many more.
  7. Partial Standings P3P 16-5-1 P48 16-6 2x Buff. MNF NCL 16-6 CH 15-11-1 2x Buff. MNF DOC 11-9 Q 12-11 2x Buff. MNF G1 11-12-1 Com. 8-14-1
  8. I used to burn out one side of this double album. One day decided to try the other side. And after one play was seriously burning that side out. Still do from time to time. And here's the whole side.
  9. PICK CHANGE ALERT.........YEAH AGAIN Russell Wilson is IR for at least three games. So am changing pick to PITTSBURGH -4.5 GB -4.5 BUFF. -5.5 PITT. -4.5
  10. Tough loss for the Sawx. One reliever always seems to muck it up. Gotta win today.
  11. Can't stand listening to him so I just don't. Playing wise he had that don't blink/phone booth swing that was seriously effective and if I had to pick a partner for pro/am etc. back then he would of been very high up on the list.
  12. That Lightning game you posted above C they were down 6-3 with 6 minutes left and tied it up and won in OT. Bruins haven't played yet and the Habs are 0-2. Well good thing I moved my pick x2 from last night, although not by much. 50pts total and 52 was needed. Commish is on a tear. Told ya you would turn it around.
  13. Dude like wrong coast. No city boy here. Tee shirt, jeans, shorts and either sneakers or clod hoppers.
  14. PICK CHANGE ALERT Brady has a sore thumb and showed up at a press conference with a zeppelin taped to it. So instead of TAMPA BAY/PHILLY OVER 51.5 New pick is Green Bay -4.5
  15. My picks for wk. 6 PT TB/PHILLY OVER 51.5 PT BUFF -5.5 PT SEA/PITT. OVER 42.5 Still debating between another game so we shall see. Hoping for this but it might end up with that.
  16. Maybe if it was dancing alligators. Probably not. I don't see any of those teams covering. So in that case maybe everyone should pick em.
  17. STANDINGS AFTER WEEK 5 RECORD WEEK 5 P3P 14-3-1 2-1 P48 14-6 2-1 NCL 13-6 0-1 PAIR N SQUARE 000000000000000000000000000 G1 11-8-1 1-2 Q 11-9 2-2 PT 0-2 CH 13-11-1 2-1-1 PT 2-0 DOC 9-8 3-1 PT 2-0 TOUCH 6-12-1 5-0 PT 4-0
  18. Otay standings coming up shortly. All added semi-correctly.
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