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  1. Lamar Jackson now on Covid Restricted list.
  2. Here are some of my dance moves after the big cowgirls win.
  4. Well now Steeler/Ravens moved to Tuesday.
  5. Welllllll I thinksy the Steelers/Ravens game is going to be cancelled. So I will add two just in case picks. Previous: Cowgirls LOST Balt./Pitt. Pitt. -3.5 O+ 45 In case cancelled: Browns/Jags U - 48.5 Chargers/Bills U - 54 I might change picks anyhow since it's all the Cowgirls fault.
  6. High lofted driver say around 11-12 degrees. And whatever fits your eye. And NOT super light. Being beginner you want to feel the clubhead. I would not get an adjustable, just confuse you more. You could go used and get a couple or three. If you have a local golf store with a bay go wack a few different ones around. See how they feel.
  7. One of the greatest reverses call in football history. WTF. WTF.WTF. I think it was #-0.3 on the menu.
  8. Lamar Jackson tested positive for Covid.
  10. Lol, it didn't take her long to turn on the afterburners.
  11. I used to walk, up to 10 miles a day every other day. Had some cheap thing that would hook onto your pocket that had the time and other stuff. Worked really well, for a while. I usually did 19 minute miles, could get down to 17 but felt like I was all discombobulated with no smoothness. Stopped walking when people started showing up and walking, running all over the place instead of the one way right way way way. Started being an obstacle course and got sick of that so just stopped. Funniest thing that happened walking was one day I had my usual heavy jeans, tee shirt sunglasses an
  12. I look like a 5 months pregnant stick man.
  13. Steelers/Ravens moved to Sunday afternoon.
  14. Okay you've heard of Thanksgiving. You've heard of Turducken. And now there's TurSpamJerky, or commonly known as Q's really #@%&'y Turkey picks. So here's to a great Turkey day and 0-3. First two games are just that and the Headliner might be Covid done. Cowgirls -3 Against TheTeamThatDoesn'tDeserveAName. Steelers -3.5 Am thinking by at least a TD, more like double digits. Seriously hard fought game. Steelers/Ravens O (+) 45 Hopefully this isn't 6-3 at halftime. I way doubt it, but who TSJ knows. If I can't do
  15. I'm more of a reader than a poster. And the battles are way down. Was entertaining for a bit, blade threads mostly, but got old after a while. Tiger not as prominent a big factor also. It was like every other thread was a Tiger one. Seriously glad to see that gone. And as nsxguy said above Covid is a huge factor. Basic malaise and just plain flat alot. Kinda like this post.
  16. Joe Burrow. Hope the guy is okay and not out for a while. Was leading in Skins game 9-7 mid-way thru 3rd quarter and he's carted off. Replacement 3/10/1 30yds 4sacks. Yeah Winninggggg. Always thought Pats game was going to be tough. Got down close to score TD twice and two sacks made it 2/18. End of TD. FG instead.
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