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  1. I just did the math.....and I can still win this thing !!!
  2. GMACH and the boys totally psyched about the games tomorrow.
  4. Doesn't take blazing Q long to cover the field.....
  5. Okay moi's picks are in. Not going to touch, no pun intended, the K.C./Buff. game cause of Mahomes. G.B. -3.5 G.B./TBTB over + 51
  6. Such a Dapper Dandy Commish aka Philly M. aka Gary Playerboyz.
  7. Here's the Commish showing off HIS moves. And some quality time with his GF at the local Dollar Store.
  8. I can't remember if I took a dump and forgot to do something, or I haven't even begun the process yet. And whose cat is this?
  9. Seriously, how many people do you know can go with and against the Earths axis all in the same move. No very many people bro dude.
  10. My picks are in. I really suck over + I really suck even more over +
  11. And that was before the hot sauce baby. I still got all the moves. After this post am installing a seat belt on chair. LMFAO ! Superior post Commish.
  12. Nothing on Mahomes yet. Can't wait to see what happens to the lines either way.
  13. highergr0und I'M COMIN' FOR YA.....
  14. I was 1-3 this glorious week Commish. You do have my total at 27-34 correct. I was going to write down a War and Peace type retort to this weeks loses. Never mind. The last three games were a microcosm of my year. Mahomes out. That kinda changes everything if true. Congrats to Brady. My boyz for so many years. Although I hope he personally has great success, he is no longer a Patriot Pat so I just can't get all excited over the Errol Flynn look. The Ravens have a keeper in QB T. Huntley. Had good stats at Utah, watched him a few times, just
  15. Well all was good. The Ravens were driving, and the least they would get was a field goal unless another DOIK happened and then the pass. And instead of 10-9 I was hoping for and rest of game no points.....the pass happened. So, again instead, of Bills winning and moi covering.....never mind.
  16. For all you haters there's a reason I don't dive for fumbles.
  17. Yeah but the RHL has some seriously great wheels. Home protection ya know. Lol.
  18. I always thought of us more like this.....the Commish in purple. Think what you will.
  19. Like to introduce everyone to Candy. She'll be my wingbabe on this trip.
  20. I have a couple ride options in case my yacht sinks. And in case your wondering the tire holds gin.
  21. No one gets to smoke any Pony Dust today, tomorrow or ever doctoro.
  22. Certainly not me. And I'm just leaving for the game. Hope to get there in time.
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