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  1. Just a thought. How bout making picking the final score an actual Win. It just might work out that one of the top two actually does pick it right and breaks a tie in doing so. That way you don't have to asterisk it and say so/so actual won, would just show up in record. 

  2. 1 minute ago, touch said:


    can't slip anything by you damn fickin' observant bastxxx.   

    Naw if you had a red band around an outside tree in your yard it meant swingers welcome.

    It was Cally man.  Jeez, you know Q because you've lived it.       😜       Yup we kept a drambuie bottle up there for late night nips while burning one. 


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  3. 8 minutes ago, jerebear21 said:

    I think his logic was a 2-pt conversion wasn't guaranteed so he would still need another score to win it.  So he took the easy points, banking on his defense to stop TB12 and getting the ball back for an Aaron Rodgers Hail Mary to win the game.  


    Scared coaching doesn't win championships.  That td to scotty miller before the half after a 4th and 3 with seconds left was a thing of beauty.  

    Yeah but even after kicking FG they still needed a TD to win. FG gains them absolutely zilch. 

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  4. 18 minutes ago, doctoro said:

    Not sure what his logic was there? Brady is not a guy who is handing the ball off 3 times and run the clock then punt.  That coach must really dislike Rodgers or not trust him. Besides Brady is going to be more conservative on their 8 yd line than where he was after the kick off.  Made no sense. I guess he thought the TB defense would stop them and the 2 pt conversion if they made a td was not a given. GB is not a team that has another gear. Brady demands that type of focus. Devin White might be the MVP for them. Mike Evans is lucky they won. He had some whiffs. Godwin also. But he made up for it.

    If you told me before the game TB would throw 3int's.....and win.....well lets just say I would not of believed you. 

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  5. How does GB not go for it on 4th down??? Even if they don't make it TB is on their 8yd. line. Gotta be one of the most stupid Coaching decisions ever. A FG.....come on man man up. Actually come on man use your brain.


    And Bills not kicking EP and going for two. Way to make it a three score game Coach Magoo. 


    I calmly sitting there watching GB kick an EP to get my Over.....and they don't. Remember don't chase points. 


    Now I'm going to take a nap. 





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  6. 21 minutes ago, touch said:

    Winter golf warrior commish checking in. It is redemption day. Working a half day today and hitting the links. Last week was filled with decent play. Two rounds in the mid 70's, but this is golf and frustration looms around every corner. Earlier this week two rounds in the mid 80's.Yuck. I can do better. 


    Etowah 1.jpg

    Etowah 2.jpg

    Etowah 3.jpg

    Such a Dapper Dandy Commish aka  Philly M.  aka  Gary Playerboyz. 

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  7. 14 hours ago, touch said:

    Q found a Fish Fry being held in the activities room of St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic church while in Buffalo. He was a real hit when someone started playing 45's.  You are correct bro you still have all the moves.


    White Man Dancing GIFs | Tenor



    Seriously, how many people do you know can go with and against the Earths axis all in the same move. No very many people bro dude. 

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  8. 2 hours ago, touch said:

    Q flew into Buffalo to get some official wing sauce for his Super Bowl Party. Here he is seen clearing the driveway of his VRBO.  Q isn't afraid of covid and hasn't stopped traveling. 






    Your Take on Twitter: "A man shovels snow in his underwear in Buffalo, N.Y.  "You never know what he will do next!" (By Christine Popovich)  http://t.co/8WXEaPVYtA"



    And that was before the hot sauce baby. I still got all the moves. After this post am installing a seat belt on chair. LMFAO ! Superior post Commish. 

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