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  1. [quote name='LittleLeftToRight' timestamp='1392433433' post='8671437'] [quote name='simple36' timestamp='1392251837' post='8655883'] How many balls do thay go through in a round??? [/quote] The real question is how many [i][b]trees[/b][/i] they go through in a round! [/quote]If they were in Oregon probably would be in jail by now.
  2. [quote name='thug the bunny' timestamp='1392384031' post='8666139'] [attachment=2068815:$(KGrHqQOKjwE2LgMfPY5BNpM1jncY!~~_35.jpg]I have never bought a full price club or iron set. I have 2 kids and a wife to club ho for, so I can't afford full price. It's called closeouts - the one great benefit of the industry's crazy quest to market the latest greatest, and the legions of WRXers lining up to buy it. That leaves last year's models laying on the shelves....for me! Last year I got a Cleveland Launcher 310 for $140. I got these for $350: [/quote]I got the same set of irons. Last set Edwin Wa
  3. I led my Country Club one summer with an average of 17.3 yds. I was on fire that whole summer.
  4. I liked the guy using two clubs. Now that takes talent.
  5. Jokes on me with this one. A while back I was visiting a buddy and we were on the 9th hole waiting for the group ahead to finish putting. So I was in the rough on a hard pan area in my usual waiting pose, legs crossed leaning on my club. I just happen to catch my buddy off to the side cracking up. So I ask him what's so funny and he says look at you club. Well there were a whole lot of wood ants spiraling up my club and a couple more spirals and it would of been pain city.
  6. [quote name='PVSaluki' timestamp='1392414396' post='8669637'] [quote name='Qqq123xx' timestamp='1389643717' post='8453467'] Great pics and views. Any chance we can see some more. Especially the cliffs and Devil's Triangle. Pretty please with sugar on top and all of that. [/quote] No problem. Will post some this weekend! [/quote]Great appreciated!!
  7. Sean is so nice that when he enters an airport for a trip all planes are grounded till he is inside, thus to not mess up his hair.
  8. There is a thread below yours a bit titled "lostgolfballs.com... good experience." You might want to pop in there and ask.
  9. I play the same ball. Just haven't figured out which one yet. So several different balls, just one brand per round.
  10. [quote name='LOVE4LPGA' timestamp='1361036587' post='6440257'] I have my doubts about Strata still having much status. Also, I think it was SPALDING SPORTS GOODS that owned both Strata and TopFlite, as well as Hogan, which Callaway bought as a package. Finally, they probably did, as someone said, resurrect the TF [b]brand[/b] with great models. But the overall deal was about I P and backfired in court. The purchase was considered a failure in every objective analysis. Dormant sales, a pile of legal expenses, and two dead brands that got sold off. The lesson is that older great names in
  11. Great pictures! Especially the woods on the wood floor. Nice set up. And of course the humongous head cover. Good luck.
  12. [quote name='Chief Illiniwek' timestamp='1392128092' post='8643497'] [quote name='Qqq123xx' timestamp='1392020280' post='8634963'] Boss, bummer ended way to soon. True Detective. Matthew McConaughey is mind blowing. Firefly. Another show that didn't get a chance. A shame. [/quote] Forgot about Boss, I was really enjoying that show. The chick in that show was amazing! [/quote]Yes very amazing.
  13. [quote name='thug the bunny' timestamp='1392043727' post='8635939'] Uh-oh. Sean2 must have been having a really bad day. He actually used the word 'unpleasant' in the cabin fever thread: [quote]I haven't played a round of golf in almost three months. This weather is most...unpleasant[/quote] [/quote]Totally outrageous. I will have to delete my vote .
  14. [quote name='billyhandsomeface' timestamp='1390964191' post='8555245'] Okay so I teach and school was cancelled today because of ice. I went through Amazon Prime for a while trying to find something to watch and settled on Road House. I don't know why I watch it, but I do. How is the owner/operator of the Double Deuce able to afford the 5K upfront and $500 a night to acquire Dalton's services? The fight scenes are hilarious and the band is actually quite good. Sam Elliot is also great. Blue Streak, Point Break, and all of the Friday the 13ths until 7 are also in this category. I can't be al
  15. Boss, bummer ended way to soon. True Detective. Matthew McConaughey is mind blowing. Firefly. Another show that didn't get a chance. A shame.
  16. Sean is so nice he carries little old ladies across the street....and then rotates their tires for them.
  17. [quote name='BCULAW' timestamp='1392001532' post='8633655'] Oh, and any chance of finding an all white version? [/quote]Do not believe they come in white. Black, red, green and grey I believe. Jones does have a flexible no spine bag, colors unsure of. Not sure if you would want to lay something white down on ground. Just my opinion.
  18. I have the Jones stand bag. I have seen at least a couple guys on here that use the original. They were either in WITB or Golf bag, cart and headcover forum. Sorry not a lot of help.
  19. Definitely will check out the grip info. Just ordered a couple Scratches, 47/56 on RBG. Got them for $38 ea. Great pic of your dogs btw.
  20. Nice looking everything. Floor also. Wedges are sweet.
  21. That was hilarious. Rage Monster and Mr. Mood Swing get my votes.
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