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  1. Get your pics in by Midnight or else.
  2. And she fills in her own divots. Very low maintenance.
  3. First pic Q's like this #$%& is the bomb, and I'm bombed, and I thought I was a cat.....
  4. I overslept a bit with my pics. A day early and couple ribs short.
  5. Alright I'm in. Buffalo -6.5 This ain't Kansas Toto and Indy isn't at home. To much hot sauce for Colts to handle. Baltimore -3.5 Thinking Ravens pretty much stop the pass. And Henry will get his yards but there won't be any songs about him being the 8th. and all that divorce court stuff. He will get more than 8 carriers though. I know wayyy out on the limb there Q. Nawlins -9.5 This is a huge spread. Since I'm the only genius that has taken it count me in. Seriously went back and forth between spread and points
  6. That clocks a bit speedy Commish, how bout some decaf.
  7. Okay my picks in Patriots Win Patriots Lose Patriots Over Patriots Under I'm happy with 2-2 baby. Real picks tomorrow. Promise.
  8. So dumping on redheads huh Touch. Well dump on these redheads Touch. Touche.
  9. Haven't made my picks yet, almost. Think for the first time everyone is excited and can't wait for said picks. Wonder why?
  10. I'm Gonna Git You Commish cause great jobs ain't legal.
  11. Ahhhhhhhh that first week back when I was 3-0. Seems like decades ago. And yeah Commish you do an exceptionally exceptional job. Everybody knows that, just ask anybody.
  13. I would like to thank my A, B, C, F, T, and Z teams for helping me right into next to last place. Great job guys. And you have a new playoff team you ask. Well you betcha. My new Brew Crew will be exclusively tanking me thru the playoffs and into oblivion.
  14. RIP Leslie West, Congrats WFT, and here's to pushing cowgirls fans off Mountains.
  15. Put that Eagle down P. (Yeah that's my superhot GF in case anyone is wondering.)
  16. Tootsie you traitor. Why did you leave me oh why. I'm so sad.
  17. S.F. scores a TD with 23 seconds left, they still lose and I still lose. Kinda sums up the season. Titans had a 2TD lead and couldn't hold it. On a positive note my two other picks I didn't use.....N.E. under (win) and N.O. (win). Didn't take Pitt game either since BB out. So that makes me 6-2 this week right? 3-2
  18. Would this be your theme song Stu ?? your theme song Stu ??
  19. Roll all the way out to sea.
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