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  1. A slow steady roll. It ain't like it used to be. Nice write up Commish.
  2. Your first pic is how I felt at times last night.
  3. There is no one. And I mean no one. That rocks yellow like moi. Touch is like "Is that Scandinavian, what country are we in?
  4. No sense in starting the New Year 0-5 so I will post them now. Tom Brady -6.5 Buffalo Hot Nuggets -2.5 G.B. Parkas -5.5 Seattle Coffee -4.5 Tenn. Pride Sausage -7.5
  5. Tried to hold fart in to no avail. Peace, love, dove I'm out and off to the groovy stars.
  6. Pittsburgh alert. Anyone taking them Big Ben is not playing.
  7. I've been getting in a lot of exercise with my two new gifts.
  8. I've brought in my last crew to make sure I go 0-5 baby. They're the best of the best.
  9. What no Patriots in the playoffs????? It was a #%&^ of a run.
  10. Oh and I almost forgot. This is my room. Soooo spacious.
  11. Well Higherground and Jerebear have been for a month or so sending me feelers to hang out at Club Dungeon with them. Of course I have dismissed them as nonsense. Well not anymore. Feelers aside I'm now an officially forced Club Dungeon member. Here we are stretching out together figuring out our 5 picks. I'm hoping for 0-5 obviously. Lets keep that roll going Q. That's my GF. She just loves dogs. And being me I just HAD to try everything out. What a place. Very plush.
  12. Nameless Team on comeback trail. 20-6. Will they be the Steelers???
  13. Man this is a tough one. Being a Red Sox fan, but with total respect for Jeter, I might have to go with Jeter. From a dating angle. Like holy cow. Not going that way though. Why you ask? Cause I'm an old guy and just thinking about that wears me out. Might have to go with Ronaldo. Soccer is a world sport. Yeah there is a lot of traveling as others have said, but out of the five Football is the only sport that doesn't have an excess of traveling. And the World Cup, everybody gets to try to qualify. Still, Jeter, man.
  14. Yeah, besides losing lol, the posting and banter is a lot of fun. Yep that comeback and still am a bit shocked over Ariz. Pancakes looking as such. As as I type this the Carolina Wonder Birds are up 20-0 over the Nameless Ones. I got a #$%& of a day going on. Cocktails on the horizon.
  15. Well I suckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. Another week another, never mind. Go Nameless Team help me with my usual 1-2.
  16. The Birds just scored, no 2pter 14-12. S.F. punting. And I am signing off America. Been here and there all day. And now to do what I do best.....nothing. Well maybe a little something.
  17. My vote is for bscinstnct: "Are they free?" Whole heartedlyl agree.
  18. I got a sweater that doesn't fit.
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