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  1. 3 hours ago, bladehunter said:

    Sure it is. The rules alllow him to pick it up without notifying anyone. To identify or to check for an embedded ball.  To do what you’re saying. You need a rule change.  

    It wasn't an embedded ball. Embedded balls don't bounce. 

  2. I'm rooting against just cause he should of asked Official first before picking ball up. And yeah that was a pretty big bounce. No food throwing though cause I spend hours making dozens jalapeno poppers and pouring a cocktail. 

  3. L.A. gave up a lot. A third this year and firsts in 22&23. Hey L.A. how's it feel to not have a first until 2024?  Stafford has potential to be a huge upgrade in moi's opinion. Still two firsts, third and Goff. Will be very interesting to see how that all plays out. Especially since Goff is paid next two seasons, and no guaranteed money last two. Will Detroit City keep him. Can Stafford rein in his go for it since I'm on a bad team INT's/mistakes. 

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  4. 2 hours ago, touch said:


    Jared and Justin are my stats guys. With no game this weekend they decided to seek warmer temps. They sent me a photo today and it appears all is well. 



    Group of Friends in Swim Arkivvideomateriale (100 % royaltyfritt) 16428679  | Shutterstock

    Some interesting body language going on there. Pick me before you high five her. And my nails just won't dry. 

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