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  1. Hi, Thanks for your input! @Stuart: i really understand what you say and I feel that I still seek for a fine ball / swing before the numbers. However, I'm know that my ball flight is to high due to me staying behind the ball; this is something I have been working on with my pro in the past. The Mevo enables me to do that 'homework' again and I can track progress but the Mevo will not replace a pro. I do believe that working with a pro and the Mevo is/could be the optimal combo; unfortunately I choose to work with my previous pro which means that I will have
  2. Hi, 3 years ago I was a steady HCP 8 player; I dropped golf for tennis but returned to golf some months ago due to a serious injury. My swing is rusty and needs more practice. To avoid endless ball hitting on a DR without real goals I recently bought the Mevo plus to optimise my training. I'm curious if other members use this is a similar way; looking for experiences to learn from I record my all swing numbers on de driving range - I mainly focus on smash factor, angle of attach, vertical & horizontal launch and spin axis. I work to get these within a bandwidth I d
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